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Westmorland Chapter Six of the Regency Novella

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Horace and Lydia by John Collier

Chapter Six

Henry held Claire until she came down, his own body tight as a coil as he kissed her brow and said, “Is the day after tomorrow too soon for the wedding, you think?”

“Oh, I hope not,” she said languidly, “For I shall not survive above a day out of your arms.”

“In that we are agreement, chérie,” he said with hot greedy lips and she reached up to deepen the kiss. Then he dragged his lips from her with ragged breath and his words urgent, “How far are you willing to go with me, sweetheart?”

“To the ends of the earth,” Claire said without really understanding what he was asking. He smiled then took a fortifying breath. He had but two choices now. Leave without delay, or die in her arms. Then she said, “I’m yours, you know.”

“It’s just as well,” Henry said his lips on her face, “For you have me tethered… held captive.”

“That appeals to me,” Claire said with an expression he had never seen on her before something ripe, primal and outright carnal. Then she pushed him back into the mattress and straddled him in one decisive move, “Knowing you can never be free of me… tied and bound, entirely at the whims of my curiously… well…”

Her breath caught suddenly as she sat back, her naked flesh pressing against the bulge of his erection. She looked to Henry but he was long gone, too lost in his own struggle for control to offer her any guidance or explanation. She had melted his brain with the delicious weight of her body nestled against his.

When he finally refocused, it was with anxious hands on her hips trying to still her in her seat to slow the friction of the relentless waves of pleasure that her sitting atop of him produced. No sooner did he stop her wriggling against him did she bend over him with open mouth and lick at his nipple before grazing at it as he had done for her.

Then he was nothing but ripples of ecstasy. Reduced to nothing but throaty growls as this inexperienced woman pulled tortured groans from his flesh. Her eager fingers glided over his sweat-drenched chest and abdomen before reaching down fondle him through his breeches.

He was all sensation as the silken strands of her flaming tresses feathered over his aroused skin as she kissed along the path her hands blazed. Then she was undoing the flap of his trousers and he was struggling to hold still. She was intoxicated by the feel and smell of him.

His body was conditioned muscles pulled over long lean bones covered with barely visible blond hair and taut satiny skin. She could smell it on him then, the scent of her earlier satisfaction and his growing desire. It radiated from his fresh skin as if he were the source of all things sexual.

Claire slid her hand into his now open trousers and slid her fingers over his erection. It jumped against her touch all hot and hard then she rubbed her thumb over the moist tip, reducing him once more to groans. Then she was kissing along the shaft with a slow madding pull of her lips until slow kisses turned to languid licks and he could take no more.

He roared up and in one elegant commanding move pinned her under him, kissing her until her breath was as strained as his then he pulled away some and pulled off his trousers. Claire laid in a sort of languid anticipation her breath coming fast, her eyes wide open, her nakedness glistening with a faint sheen of sweat.

Henry slid along her body his hot lips on her wanton flesh as he nestled back between her legs, only this time moving up over her. His body pulled tight and still he did not seem to be in much of a hurry. He did not want to frighten her, needed to be inside her and felt certain he would die a little if she became alarmed and he’d have to stop.

He mounted her, trying not to shiver at the feeling of her so soft and sweet against him. She held his eyes, her own full of wonder. She sighed as he paused, her eyes searching his, her voice a hush.

“Henry...” She whispered, biting her lips before her words could fall away. Henry grazed her with his tip and gently rocked his hips, letting it rub up and down very lightly against her opening. She shivered. Braking eye contact to glancing down her eyes going wider and he took breath in order to assure her.

“I’ve got you, chérie,” he whispered with miraculous calm, “I’ll take care. I’ll make certain it’s more pleasure than pain.”

He eased forward, the head parting her, his hand and lips coaxing her back to languid as he pushed down toward her opening. He held himself up with one hand as he used the other to tilt her face so she held his eyes once more. Then she smiled as if to comfort him before reaching up and running her hands along his face.

It was all the encouragement he needed before easing his hips forward, and his head slid inside her. She gasped loudly, arching up and grabbing his shoulders for support. He resisted the urge to push deep knowing that it would take time for the pain to fall away so he could bring her to pleasure.

Once she caught her breath, he swirled his hips, letting the soft folds of her inner muscles adjust to his penetration. Allowing her time to stretch to him while he gently rocked and twisted. She tried to speak several times, her voice coming in broken little bits of wordless gasps.

Her breathing accelerating as he rocked back and forth, as she relaxed around him.

“You’re doing brilliantly,” he whispered, leaning down closer to take her lips in tender kiss until he felt her move a little beneath him. Then he pulled out some and eased back into her several until they moved slowly in time. Soon she was clinging to him, both of them gasping for air.

She bit at her lips as he pressed further still, his name caught in her throat as he moved deeper into her body. Caressing her firm round bottom, squeezing just enough to get her to arch higher, as he glided in and out with fluid thrusts of his hips.

Claire revelled in his touch and cried out softly as the wave of his strokes climbed over each other.

“Henry I… oh my God… I can’t stand it…”

It was what he was waiting for without even realizing it. He reached down, gripped her hips, and pushed deep inside her, moving slowly and gently, little thrusts matched by longer outward movements. Every ounce of his self-control going into not burying himself in her all at once.

He could hear now the erotic sounds of their coupling. The sweet friction of his hard wanton shaft surrounded by her soft wet warmth. Then she cried out his name, arching up higher than ever, raising them both from the bed. Gasping breathlessly, and then slumped back into the mattress.

She was hot and pulsing around him, pulling him tight as he pushed deep into her body, finally he melded his hips with hers, shuddering at the stimulation of her unrelenting grip as he savoured the feel of her thus. Moving with long, slow, smooth strokes in and out, rapidly learning as he went what made her moan, gasped, and what kind of thrusts drew soft, breathy cries from deep in her throat.

“Henry, oh God yes,” she cried as the bed rocked beneath them and he worked atop her.

Sweat trickled down his back and she dug her nails into shoulders in a mad grip, which caused his breath to labour as he pumped into Claire beneath him, his eyes drinking in the sight of her heaving, writhing form beneath him. He could feel her starting to shake, knowing she was close, and accelerated, groaning with the effort of not coming himself.

“Oh Henry! Please, please don't stop,” she pled urging him on and he thrust deeper. Her hips jerked against his with every impact. She strained forward, crying out, still on the verge as Henry kept pace. Claire squealed, her hips grinding up into him, causing bolts of pleasure to rock his body.

It made him frantic, suddenly worried he wouldn’t be able to hold out until she found her end. His thrusts were now becoming jerky as he twisted his hips, trying to avoid the sweet friction that was driving him out of his mind. He shook as Claire’s legs tightened around his hips.

“Sweetheart,” Henry pled his words a breathy grasping which soon fell away, “Claire release me or...”

She was dragging her nails down his back robbing him of speech and drowning his pleas with her own.

“Now Henry please…now…,” she gasped her body drawn tight her words fading to but a low hum in her throat. Gripping tight to Henry as her muscles locked, their bodies bucked together wet slick sounds of their coupling just under their frantic breaths.

The two moaned repeatedly in harmony, answering each other's call to ecstasy until her body went rigid and her breathing stopped and Henry lunged against her to maximize the contact. Going into spasms that seemed to light every nerve in body, jerking and thrashing.

Their bodies were moulded together, her legs still tightly wrapped around his hips, jerked wildly out of control, her body pulsating and quivering right up the entire length of him buried inside her. The spasms of her inner muscles were so strong they stripped him of control.

He buried his face in her neck inhaling her skin, smelling himself on her, feeling the dam silkiness of her skin against his face as his heart frantically attempt to supple his brain with enough oxygen to stop him collapsing. Then her body shook, a wail coming from her mixed with grunt from him as they gasp for air and she went limp, allowing him to collapse on top of her both of their breaths thin and laboured.

It took them an eternity to find equilibrium. Every inch of their body weighted down the force of blissful satisfaction. It had never been like that for him before as he lift his head to press his lips her it occurred to him that he hadn’t every been made love to.

No one had ever given all she possessed to him.

It humbled him and when her hands smooth over the plains of his back he reached up and push hair stuck to her face then whispered her name. Looked down at her face with all the love in his heart, watching as lazy smile pulled over her peaceful slightly dazed face. The she opened those luminous hazel eyes of her and his breath caught.

It was as thought he was seeing her for the first time. Seeing beyond her beautiful face and alluring figure to the compassionate woman who loved him though he had been reckless with both their hearts. His face must have shown some his distress for Claire reached up and cupped his face in both her hand then asked, “What’s the matter, my love?”

“I’m full of regret at having caused you pain.”

“The pain lasted but a moment,” she assured him, completely missing his meaning. “And it was soon drowned by the rapture.”


“They is no other word for it, Henry I swear I died and went to heaven,” she said her voice full of wonder and he kissed her in a sort of slow cherishing all-consuming way.

There was a decade’s worth of history between them, most of it a strong friendship, a great deal of it a fervent attraction but more than all that was the love. She knew him completely and loved him nonetheless and he was going to spend the rest of his life making certain he was worthy of her.


They had to wait a full month before marrying but neither seemed to mind very much, which no doubt had quite a bit to do with their scandalous pre-marital behaviour.

Both of their mothers insisted that the ceremony at least have the appearance of decency, though they needn’t have bothered, for eight months after the wedding Claire delivered Aphrodite, a fat little red-haired girl with her father’s clear blue eyes that instantly made their show of decency a lie.

His mother married and returned to France as planned. She visit near every summer under the guise of seeing her grandchildren but the truth is she misses England very much but will never admit it.

After they had been married five years Henry entered the salon – a recently updated French blue – to fine his wife awash by the sun’s golden rays and instantly remembered their first kiss.

“I kissed you here the very first day we met,” he said with the start of recollection.

“Yes, I remember,” she laughed. “And you also asked me to marry you here at least a dozen times and so much more…”

“Why didn’t you ever say?”

“You needed time to get sorted. Besides, if I’d told you we would not be the friends we were when we married.”

“It took me nearly a decade.”

“You were well worth the wait, my love,” she said without falter and he went to her falling to his knees then kissed her with love anew.
My love my care,