Friday, November 12, 2010

So much for a proper post

Oh, but my friends do tax me...
I have but to spend an hour with them to work myself in such a state I’m barely tolerable by other civilized human beings. Eli that toad and ringleader of the band of hooligans I call my dearest friends lured me yesterday for lunch only to insight in me rage so profound I was contentious with all unfortunate enough to cross my path in the hours following.

A Reading by Emile Verhaeren by Théo Van Rysselberghe

This time the quarrel was about their combined belief that the modern medium “the internet” more specifically youtube is a Petri dish for talentless hacks attempting to peddle their wares in hopes of finding fame and fortune. Try as I may to inspire in them reason they would have none of it.
‘The medium is as the individual,’ I urged, ‘Each with an unlimited capacity for fame or infamy.’

‘Fame and infamy is the same thing in our modern culture,’ was their argument and soon we were quarrelling about that rather than the medium. Then the subject got move to morality and the responsibility of the public figures to carry themselves with a degree of grace and on and on it went until I was late getting back to work with nothing close to a resolve to that or the original subject of conversation for that matter.
A sort of lovely afternoon so here is to friends that engage, infuriate and delight.
All my love,


  1. That actually doesn't sound too bad. I had friends over last night, all they really did was complain about work.

  2. So. Sounds to me like an everyday lunch!

  3. AS in everything we engage in, it is up to us to see things for what they are, decide how it relates to us and then proceed accrdingly. And always, have some fun with it. If the conversation amongst friends is always agreeable, it becomes boring and there is limited growth. Be grateful you have spirited conversation . . . the key is to have positive influences and instill seeds for more knowledge and truths.