Monday, February 7, 2011

‘A sexually aggressive woman is a sexually offensive woman’

This bit for madness came to me via my sister’s reading and imparted to me in conversation. I can’t like it. To be honest I can’t bear it but I see the truth in it. Sex was once a woman’s appetite, Lilith grinding Adam into the ground blissfully taking her pleasure then she was made to burn and suffer banishment. Now, I wonder if all is lost with the exception of the dominatrix who is arguable there more for her clienteles pleasure than her own.

Sophia, An Anthology by Nelson Shanks

Sex is a woman’s idea cleverly given to a man Eve, Adam and the apple. What I don’t understand is how it became religious and political when it was meant to propagate the species. How much of it was done at our consent, making us property, whore, Jezebel, Madonna, wife, mistress?
There is sadness in it for me for I had always thought it was meant to be as air, nourishment and education but then even in those the advantage is not allowed to all. Truly grim, yes I see that but I wondered and putting it down is cathartic.
My love my care,


  1. An odd painting. All it says to me is "Look how clever I am". He could just as well have taken a photograph. Art? No. Smart-arse? Yes.

  2. Sex . . . it can be so many things.

    Wonderful, sensual, beautiful

    Horrible, ugly, painful

    Dirty, vulgar, cheap

    Loving, erotic, hypnotic

    Powerful, assertive, strong

    we could go on couldn't we?

    I have to say I like the painting. It has an awkward realism to it.

  3. if that an oil painting you are a master by force .dont wory about jalassy .