Friday, April 1, 2011

April’s fool

I really do believe in love you know and that despite never having seeing any true manifestation that could not be explained away as something else. It is a matter made worse I believe due to these long conversations I have with my sister about the plausibility of romantic love where the end result is always dread of dying alone. Following that line of reasoning, lately the idea of tribe or rather our society’s lack of connect to an extended tribe where one feels ownership and connect has been running parallel with the notion of love lost. There is this idea that we love our pets, best friends, children and all else is a matter of necessity or chance. Fool that I am I want to explore more this idea.

James Childs's Bow Bridge
Then again our only duty is beauty to put forth what is true and good, which would make love the entire thing, right?
My love my care,

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  1. Yes. Truth and beauty are inescapable
    in any romantic picture we may wish to create.