Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lets stop running into each other this way

Misery is not seeing you and still there is no agony as great as your face at my door and no bliss compares to looking up to see your smiling face  there out of the blue

Flowers and Strawberries by Felix Vallotton
The Crush

You make of me a relic
A sort of dutiful pillar planted in quicksand but in time I’ll be covered
Hidden from sight
Forgotten by you
Only to be excavation and made valuable
Still it wouldn't have mattered for you would have been long gone
All but for the bits of you that remains a part of me
My love,

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  1. Now sweetheart it has been a while and still no word... you are all-right yes? It is no so bad you can't at least get in touch with Eli. We love you