Friday, October 16, 2009

Mastering Subtle Intimacy

There is genius in a small gesture that is universally understood. A smile or offered hand that stirs the emotions of the reader. I feel that a good writer is able to convey the brilliance of that smile and the warmth of the hand to an audience.

I often try, in vain, to express the sweet tendre of a life lived solely in passion, but cruel reality often intervenes, so I devised an alternative. By writing, the impassioned life of my characters as simply as possible and with language appropriate for them, the emphasis placed on the magic that results from their interaction with one another. When I write, it’s all about the kindness of a warm strong hand or thoughtful ear in moments of despair.

I love my characters and want nothing more than for others to see them in full. I want my audience to see their heart and understand their motivation. If they are in love or in pain because of love they have for another, I have them articulate that in a manner that requires no interpretation.

plain old ‘I want you,’ ‘I am without end, for she is gone,’ or a simple ‘I love you.’ I think it's effective and it's part of my process.

A lovely weekend to all,


  1. I absolutely agree with the genius of the small gesture and from one writer to the next I’m in awe of your site. Well done!

  2. Hi :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours is truly wonderful too, you did see that I had a love for paintings so I sure love the ones you have on your blog

    -BookGirl of Mur-y-Castell

  3. Hi Simone - Thanks for commenting on my blog. I love romance novels, have become a 'follower', and will be back to read more of your work. I envy you and your talent for writing. I once started a novel, never finished, in fact only got passed a couple of chapters. No formal training, just liked writing short stories for myself, but never went any further. I tend to go in and out of hobbies, photography was a biggie years ago, but lately I've had that urge to get out there and start clicking away. Thanks again! Sandi

  4. Hi Simone, I'm back reading your posts, just tell you that I've added you to my favourites blog list so anyone that visits my blog may find your updates. Need to share that!!!

  5. Hi Sandi thanks for coming by and offering your support your blog is lovely and I Will continue to visit.
    What can I say. You made my day. Thank you my angel.
    All my very best to you both,

  6. I love Georgette Heyer too! Her subtle sense of humor is wonderful.
    I agree with you that simple actions are often the best to describe characters.
    I have enjoyed reading your inspirations.

  7. Hi Simone,

    As an artist I have truly enjoyed reading this post. There is so much to be learned if one pays close attention to your surroundings and listens closely to red between the lines.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment :)

  8. Writing subtle intimacy is, indeed, an art!