Thursday, December 2, 2010


A Most Appetizing Repast

 I made it just for you.
After all these years, I still
Remember the way you like it.
But I’ve changed the recipe a little bit.
To give it delicate authentic flavour, you understand.
I added some truth to the vegetables,
So forgive me if they’re a bit tough
To swallow but take solace in the fact
That I grew them in a garden
Cultivated in the soil of my grief
And nurtured with the water of regret.
I got the meat from the butcher
Down the road, who swears that he
Treats the animals as well as you ever
Treated me. Then I seasoned the meat
with spite and the bitterness of sorrow.
I sautéed everything together in the
Remaining oil of your lies and the
Burgeoning heat of my anger.
It should be delicious. I made it
To remind you of our time together.
I expect that you will shed tears at
The fullness of the taste.
I imagine that no meal, even your last
Will ever invoke such sensation.
But I hope, with everything in me,
That you choke.

John White Alexander's A Meadow Flower

I had a lovely enough year but the truth is I'm really looking forward to the new year.

All my love,


  1. A slightly bitter repast n'est pas! I do hope, Simone, that it wasn't based on your actual experience.