Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rush forth with purpose

Or resolve to laugh more but make it count.

An Old Warrior - Patara Te Tuhi by Charles Goldie

Hold Dear

You share with me, those who came before and the ones that will follow, mortality’s fleeting legacy. Ah, but time marks no more than our imprint on the tapestry and on this fine work of art our mistakes are as valuable as our triumphs so don’t you be timid, or unwilling. Embrace this new year with the knowledge that age does wicked things to the body, but understand, it also bring urgency and wisdom. Have courage enough to leave bold mark on the canvas even if it is no more than your defeated blood, sweat and tears.

Never forget for a moment that we are all in it together.
My love, my care,

Friday, December 24, 2010

Silent Night

And heaven on earth. Everyone here is shopping on foot by the metro and counting calories in order to avoid the Christmas season seven pounds weight gain. I miss the gluttony and the two hours in the car listening to the radio running from shop to shop. I'll bake some, see some of my family and most all my friends. It will be a good enough Christmas. I wish you all a lovely Christmas Day.

Thomas Moran's The Autumnal Woods
All my love,

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Remember summer

A Sign

Give me a sign.
I am certainly not the first to make this plea,
Head bent humbly, legs weakened and
Nearly on my knees with despair.
I am certainly not the first to wish this in the
Solemnity of the night or the brilliance of day.
But maybe I am the first to make this plea
At your altar. Maybe I am the first to worship
This sadistic deity. How low must I be brought
Before I am worthy of a boon?
How far must I fall from grace before you
Lift me up and bring me into your sinful light?

Frederick Carl Frieseke's Lilies
I love you all,

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


A moment ago, I would have song for you
At Carnegie hall
In the nude
Under unflattering light
For critics more brutal than Cowell
Me tone deaf and without music
My voice off-key and out of time
But that was all before you ate the last slice of pie and the cupcake too.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir's Two Girls in Black

Alright, I'll admit to overreacting to the lost of the sweet but who amoung us haven't gone a tad mad where delightful treat was concerned.
My love my care,

Friday, December 10, 2010

Associated with bad news

There is a stark viciousness that leads itself to a telegraph that most all other forms of communication lack and I dig it. Not because I’m particularly vindictive or revel in the notion of brutally delivered heartbreak but simply for the fact it is a medium with a life all its own.


I love you (Stop) I can’t be without you (Stop) You are cruel with your kindness (Stop) Hurry back to me (Comma) or rather (Stop) Stay where you are and allow me to continue (Stop)

Isaak Brodsky's Fairy Tale

...then again there is the dreaded facebook wall, all public and potentially awful.


You love in me things imagined made possible by my genius at strategy and all per your request.
It’s all fog and mirrors my virtue and humanity.
Why, for you I’m without tears or tender emotion.
I’m quiet, always poised...
Palatable even if not often pleasant and still you are baffled by my vexation at request for my hand.

My love my care,

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Snow, I don't mind

Shovelling it, now that I can't stand.

Peter Paul Rubens' The Union of Earth and Water

Let Me

I want to give.
And I need you to take,
My every thought,
My only desires,
My very last breath,
Until the only thing left is
A vague memory of my existence.
And even as I lay bleeding,
Dying from your vicious wounds,
I will revel.
I will rejoice as you dance.
I will smile to see you ignore my anguish.
Knowing that you have everything
I can give.
All my love

Thursday, December 2, 2010


A Most Appetizing Repast

 I made it just for you.
After all these years, I still
Remember the way you like it.
But I’ve changed the recipe a little bit.
To give it delicate authentic flavour, you understand.
I added some truth to the vegetables,
So forgive me if they’re a bit tough
To swallow but take solace in the fact
That I grew them in a garden
Cultivated in the soil of my grief
And nurtured with the water of regret.
I got the meat from the butcher
Down the road, who swears that he
Treats the animals as well as you ever
Treated me. Then I seasoned the meat
with spite and the bitterness of sorrow.
I sautéed everything together in the
Remaining oil of your lies and the
Burgeoning heat of my anger.
It should be delicious. I made it
To remind you of our time together.
I expect that you will shed tears at
The fullness of the taste.
I imagine that no meal, even your last
Will ever invoke such sensation.
But I hope, with everything in me,
That you choke.

John White Alexander's A Meadow Flower

I had a lovely enough year but the truth is I'm really looking forward to the new year.

All my love,