Thursday, September 22, 2011

Nine Years

Nelson Shanks' Bluebird

I haven’t seen the man of my life in 197 days. I think of him no less than twice in every breath which is half has much the amount of times I glance at the door expecting him to enter. I’m well aware of how pathetic it makes me and still I take solace in it for missing him is all that remains. Well that and my increasing understanding that we will never be.
My love my care,

Monday, September 5, 2011

Jews for Mel Gibson...

And other out of the way rubbish said when in company with my provoking sister. It started with me telling her about some lecture I saw on youtube by some Harvard don on justice. The question presented by the academic was this – ‘if placed in circumstance where one is to choose between the lives of many verses than of one what would you choose?’ My first thought had not been one of logic but of heart and it was what could I live with plain and simple. I would choose one but I would do all I could including jumping in front of the cart to save that individuals life.

Erik Suidman's De Bezoekers

For this answer I was rewarded with a little tale of a town called happy or some such nonsense where all the residence of this ideal godforsaken fictional town rest on the misery of one child locked in a dark pit. Just you imagine it a place where your child is safe to play outdoors unattended without fear of harm and nothing bad ever appends all thanks to the sacrifice of one wretched child that is not permit kindness or the humane.

I love my sister but there are times when I wish she would simple be quiet and let me enjoy my blissful ignorance. Like this time I was reading this article on Mel Gibson’s comeback when she said, ‘I should stop reading fairy tales.’ This got me so mad I said, ‘It’s possible you know, all it would take is for some powerful Jew like say Harvey Weinstein or Steven Spielberg to wear a Jew for Mel t-shirt.’ I’m pretty sure that was blasphemous and a thousand other awful things still there is no one I would rather spend an afternoon with.

My love my care,