Monday, May 14, 2012

Westmorland Chapter Five of the Regency Novella

Read the prologuechapter one,  twothree, and four by following the links provided. Chapter six will be up in a week or so.

 Portrait of Count Victor Kochubey by François Gérard

Chapter Five

He didn’t say anything. He simply reached for her, hand outstretched, and she took hold before going to sit beside him. It hadn’t been as it was before with them. There was no witty banter or contentious exchanges. There was only a resolved silence. He loved her and needn’t have bothered to say so, for she could see it now. But he wanted for there to be no question of it going forth.

She was the woman of his life and when he turned to face her, his eyes awash with all the love in his heart and said, “It was you from the very first instant I laid eyes on you. You know? I was lost to you and knowing you only sealed my fate.”

“Henry,” was all Claire could manage without blubbering over her tears and he, with gentle hands, wiped her eyes.

“I understand your trepidation –”
“Not trepidation, elation. I’ve waited a lifetime and –” More happy tears, then a simple, “I love you so very much.”

“And I love you too, chérie.”

“Yes, I know,” she said and pressed her lips to his in soulful kiss before asking with near solemn expression. “But will you still marry me after all my refusals?”

“So long as you kiss me like that for the rest of our lives,” he said with a blissful smile and she happily obliged kissing him with love newly declared until he pulled her into his lap and kissed her so that they both shook with desire. Henry lifted his head when their lustful kiss threatened to turn into something else altogether and asked, “How do we proceed?”

“Your mother will be gone the rest of the afternoon and no one knows you’re here,” she said.

“So what you’re saying is that I’m at your mercy?”

“Entirely,” she said wolfishly before pushing off his jacket and pressing her hungry little hands against his chest then said, “I’ve dreamt of you there in that bed thousands of times and I mean to see you there naked before this day is out.”

“Then, I shouldn’t tarry,” Henry said accommodatingly, before rising with her in hand and depositing her, rump first, on the bed. He stopped briefly to rip off his boots and crawled in alongside her, his eyes an intense sapphire as he said, “Right now, you have me in your bed. What will you do with me?”

Claire blushed, her head full with memories of the things Henry had done to her the week before behind the locked door of the blue salon. She could not articulate what she had felt and was at a loss as to how she could possibly express to him one-half of it through mere touch.

She knew of his reputation and it wasn’t just that he was one of the princes of pleasure, he was the heir apparent uncontested and always in-demand, whilst she had been touched by him alone. Still not one to shy away from a challenge she said simply, “Show me what you would like.”

Well, there you have it. It was precisely the right thing to say. Henry held her eyes a moment before leaning in and kissing her with warm, tender lips. It was a slow, lingering kiss, the kind that started with purposeful friction of lips and ended with breath-robbing strokes of tongue.

Claire’s entire body tingled at Henry’s patient arousal. His hands in her hair pulling at the ribbon that held it in place until it tumbled down. Then he, with hot breath at her ear, his face buried in her flaming locks, whispered, “Beautiful.”

“You like my outrageous hair?”

“I adore your stunning hair and your ever-changing hazel eyes,” he said while brushing his lips over both her eyelids. “And flawless expressive skin,” this he said with hot lips on her cheek before pausing over her lips with a, “But your lips… Sweet God, I could write odes to the allure of your inviting mouth.”

“I’d much rather you kissed my lips than have you recite an ode in honour of them,” Claire said.

“Without delay, sweetheart,” Henry said obediently in her ear before sliding his tongue around it, which made her arch into his torso. Then he dragged his lips down onto hers as his hands traced little circles over her back, and she was lost.

Waves of pleasure flooded her body as Henry’s kisses became more persistent and she pressed closer allowing all he offered to adhere to her receptive flesh. She opened her mouth to the penetrating strokes of his tongue, delighting in the silken, arousing caress of his sensuous mouth against hers.

He was at once urgent and unhurried, his mouth moving with maddening slowness as he deepened their kiss while his hands franticly worked at freeing her from the confines of her dress. She was drowning in the rippling tide of her ever-increasing desire as he stripped away her clothes and replaced it with a lavish stroke of hand.
He held her in a sort of trance, keeping her completely relaxed even as excitement engulfed her body. He was kissing her from lips to her, now thinly veiled, bosom with lips that produced a sensation similar to the singeing of her flesh. Then he tugged at her shift until she was exposed to him.

Henry held for a moment to memorize the sight of her thus, her clothes pooled at her waist the lush curves her body naked to his hungry stare. Then he, his voice raspy with desire his hand hovering above her breast said, “You, my love, are beautifully.”

“Thank you, Henry,” she said with a heady smile. She loved that the mere sight of her body pleased him. He tugged at her frock, pooled at her waist until it slid over her hip in order to allow him a better view. Once the garment was cast aside Claire, filled with infinite longing, said, “Tell me what you see.”

Henry swallowed once. Twice… But he simply could not seem to find his voice with her lying there in nothing but her stockings encouraging his beating heart to escape its confines. She smiled triumphantly at him struck dumb and knowing she had done it by simply laying bare before him.

He grinned then as a savage beast roared. His perfect white smile and arched brow looking very male as he with deft fingers attend his neckcloth and waistcoat until he was nothing but wide shoulders under fine linen shirt. Then he leaned in for the kill, his grin now one those slow lazy smiles that turned her knees to jelly, his voice bass warm and honey smooth as he said, “Now goddess, I shall tell you all I see.”

He kissed her temple, ear, cheek, jaw and lips then said, “Lush firm breasts, voluptuous inviting curves and…”

He was nibbling a path from lips to collarbone over chin along that little spot on her neck that caught at her breath and made her spine tingle. He cupped her breast, teasing the peck with his thumb until it was hard and tender, then he lowered his mouth to lick at them and said, “Aroused, dark copper nipples desperate for my touch.”

Claire could see he meant to drive her out of her mind and all but purred when he brushed his open lips over her nipple, flickering with deliberation at her open nerves until she whimpered. Then he grazed ever so gently with his teeth over the tender swollen peak before pulling her fully into his mouth and suckling.

She did not know how much more she’d be able to bear as he licked a path from one breast to the next before catching the other taut little nipple between his lips and grazing it with his teeth. Claire writhed and wriggled under his mouth, one of her hands fastening into a death grip on his hair as her legs rose to wrap around his.

Henry closed his eyes and just lost himself in her. In the delicious satiny sweetness of her responsive skin and the delicious grind of her hips against his as her legs tightened around his. Then she was tugging at his shirt in a sort of fevered attempt to get closer still and he pulled away from her in one fluid motion pulling it up over his head.

Claire gasped with naked desire and Henry with wicked grin said, “You like my form darling.”

“You’re very handsome Henry,” her voice a breathy purr her hands on his flat hard abdomen. “Shall I tell you what I see?”

“By all means,” he growled softly while lowering his head, “Well… that’s if you’re able to articulate thought while I touch you.”

 He rolled her back and captured her nipple between his lips once more. Drawing from her a surprised little squeak and she grabbed his shoulders as he slid further down, nuzzling her stomach, then he paused. She sat up immediately, her eyes wide her voice breathless as she asked, “Henry, what’s the matter? Why did you stop?”

He held her eyes lips curled in a smug little grin then he said, “You’re not telling me what you see.”

“Nirvana,” she said simply and Henry fell into the pools of her lustful eyes and pressed his lips back to her flesh. Sliding a little lower, keeping his eyes on hers as he nuzzled his lips into the downy soft, copper hair between her thighs and then fastened his mouth on her.

He could feel a spasm run the length of her body as she gasped, her eyes ripe with passion as she melted into the mattress, her head rolling from side to side as her back arched. He touched her everywhere his hands on her breasts, stomach, down over her legs…

She writhed through one gentle, slow orgasm, and was building to a second when he lightly stroked a fingertip over where he kissed her, persistently teasing her opening as his tongue traced lazy circles around her little hooded mound. His eyes still holding hers as he tested her reaction.

Her eyes went wide at that initial touch of his finger and stayed that way as he licked tenderly at the little peck, his finger dipping into her, and she bit her lip, whimpering loudly. Her cries low and throaty. He loved that sound, and sunk his finger deeper still inside her in hopes of coaxing it out of her again.

She gasped, “Henry.”

He revelled in her involuntary, throaty moan. Her hips rocking greedily, and he slid his finger out, letting her watch as he slowly sucked on it, delighting in the taste of her before sliding his finger back inside of her. Exploring her, his finger gently probed and teased at her inner walls, feeling their soft wetness. He pressed forward trying to find her most sensitive spots.

Then she groaned softly, wriggling towards him as his finger teased her until she could no longer hold his gaze. Her eyes drifted closed as she threw her head back and tightened her body around his finger. Henry sighed in pleasure, delighting in the ferocious way she gripped the finger inside her body.

She squirmed beneath him shuddering, moaning with each stroke of his finger until her moans grew louder. He fed her desire with masterful strokes of tongue and fingers groaning himself at her blissful purrs. Then she could take it no more and begged him to end her misery.

“Henry, my God, Henry please,” She gasped, gripping him to her with legs and nail. He answered her plea by running his free hand over her breasts, his tongue focused entirely on the hooded peak in gentle unrelenting strokes until she cried out. Her body fluttering and gripping the fingers inside her body until she relaxed with a deep satisfied sigh around him.
My love my care,