Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hello all, Claire here.

I’m thrilled to be joining Simone here at the Romantic Query Letter. She and I have been writing at the same Toronto area chapter/starbucks on Tuesday for over two years without introduction then we meant on a mutual and fellow writers blog nearly two months ago. We have been tight ever since.

Now let me tell you a little about myself.

· I’m a foodie who doesn’t cook
· A teacher
· Amateur historical romance writer with two completed manuscripts
· A newlywed
· DISCO freak
· And recovering shopaholic
· Who suffers from bouts of wanderlust and reads travel magazines with open desire. I dreams of the day when I’ll be able to winter in Monte Carlo and summer in Northern Italy.
· Also I’m in awe of my new friend’s talent and can’t wait for her to find an agent who will champion her work to great success.
· All that and I want to be a yoga master

Simone keeps encouraging me to start my own blog but I’m too unfocused to so this is perfect for me. I hope to contribute frequently say once a month - trust me that’s plenty for a scatterbrain like me. That and I promise I’ll stay vigilant were my commitment to AWWC chain-blog is concerned.

Till next time
Claire C

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