Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Querying My Second Novel Thou I've Yet To Sell My First

Delphin Enjolras' La Lecture Au Clair de la Lampe

This is not an admittance of defeat only a new approach. I’ve started querying my second novel Leeds. It the sequel to my first novel Ellesmere and I'm hoping that it will garner the adoration its predecessor was unable to. I don't know it's the right thing to do but I'm without end and feel I must be proactive.

This is the first draft of the second set of Romantic Query Letters

Sample Query Letter
10 Agents queried

Dearest Dearest Agent ,

It was the greatest surprise of Lord Broderick Ashbourne’s life to discover that he had fallen in love with his childhood friend Miss Inez Archer. But, more surprising than that would be the journey that they would take to each other.

In the spring of 1816, he, the second son of privilege, and Inez, the woman of his life and the daughter of a lowly merchant, shared a passionate night only to be forced apart in the cold light of reality. Now, heartbroken and separated due to their mounting personal tragedies, the two settled in to their prospective lives as his troublesome family takes centre stage and she comes to terms with the loss of both of her parents.

Broderick contends with his parting from Inez by rebuilding the fortune his older brother Alan stole when he faked his death to run off with his cousin’s wife.

In the mean time, Inez contemplated moving on with someone less emotionally taxing.
Years later, Broderick is back on English soil, as an infamous Lord with rumours of piracy following him. Upon his return, he finds a captivating Inez who had, in his absence, evolved from a pretty young girl into an elegant, grounded woman approaching life with a sense of humour and a thoughtful sensitivity.

The novel Leeds is a 100,000+ words historical romance set in 1800’s England when the two reunite after a chance meeting and spend a soulful afternoon alone discussing loss and love. Unfortunately, before they are able to find new resolve, they are discovered alone and are forced to contemplate a marriage that neither believes the other wants.

They marry, days later, after old passions are made obvious along with the desire and love that they both still held for the other. However, they are prevented from settling into their happily-ever-after when the misguided Alan reappears, bringing with him new troubles, the most pressing of which being the inheritance of the title now that their father is dead and how Broderick will prevent Alan’s murder, when his victims get wind of his return.

Through it all, Rick and Inez maintain an unflinching support for each other and soon triumph over all obstacles, proving once more that love conquers all.

Attached are the novel synopsis and the pages as specified. The manuscript is complete and available upon request. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Yours Sincerely,

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