Thursday, September 3, 2009

Harlequin Historical Undone

I’ve written five short stories with plans for a sixth. Of the five completed, I’ve sent three and I’m editing the other two. The sixth is meant to be a Christmas story but I have yet to storyboard it. They are all a little shy of 15,000 words with varying degrees of hotness.

Only, now that I’ve written all these stories I’ve noticed a sort of troubling thread on the Undone page... most of the writers with published on Undone are already established authors at Harlequin.

There is to be a live chat on their site on the 4th of September with the Undone editor Linda Fildew and it’s my hope to have a better idea what it is they are looking for.

I’m not worried though for I figure if my stories are rejected I’ll simply post them here as a serial and find another way to get published.

Closed door, open window and all that.

Stay positive,


  1. Did you get a chance to look at the chat? Linda said three brand new authors were acquired for the Undone line, and after November, the number of releases each month will increase--which means they can't exhaust all of their already-published authors. I'm shooting for Harlequin Historicals (Undone and the regular line) and write Edwardians. What do you write?

  2. Evangeline’
    First, let me thank you for stopping by and yes, I was able to join the chat.
    Marijane from absolute write told Claire about so I was able to register at Harlequin and post a question. There was a chat on Word Wrench also but sadly, I missed that one. Here is the link if you’re interested.

    I write Regency and wish you nothing but the very best in getting published.