Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rejection Etiquette

I don’t mind the form letter rejection but I do wish they would add a few pointers, something like edit for pacing, check historical facts, etc. Then there is also the year long wait and that I do mine. Three months I can do no problem but anything over than and I take it as abuse of power/emotional cruelty.

Good example, this is my latest rejection letter and this after six months but she was on holidays so who am I to hold a grudge. For all I know she could have gone off to Tibet to find herself or something equally as impressive.

Dear Simone,
Thank you for your query which I received while I was on vacation. My apologies for taking so long to get back to you. Although it sounds like an interesting historical novel, I’m sorry to report it’s not quite right for my list at the moment. So I’ll have to pass. I certainly appreciate your thinking of me with your work, and I wish you the best in your search for suitable representation.
Agent whom shall go unnamed

I rant but I hold no ill-will, yes it’s true, it’s all I can do not to scream but I shall overcome.



  1. Simone,
    Rejection is hard and I’m glad to see you’re not making it get the best of you. Even if I’m not able to laugh about it yet, myself. I use to cry a lot :( but now I make voodoo dolls with my rejection letters and prod them with pins :) It makes me smile and that’s close to a laugh. Isn’t it?

  2. Hi sweetie,
    I've been meaning to come by and see your blog but I'm without direction you know that. Love what you've done with the place, very classic-chic, I like your blog. I wonder if you could find out from Kitten how to make a voodoo doll I have a few people I'd like to stick a pin into.
    All my love,

  3. Kitten,
    Thank you for visiting. Now about those voodoo dolls, do they work are is it just a coping mechanisms? I only ask because of my friend Nora ;) for I could never really torment an agent :) You take care and visit from time to time and let me know how you fare with your query process.
    ...And Nora Classic-chic? Do you me like Colefax and Fowler or a say Dior pin?

  4. Simone,
    I've been at the query process for two years with nothing to show for it but my bitterness so I can relate to Kitten and I want to know how she does it.

  5. Simone,
    I'm here for Christs sakes where are you and what's with the voodoo obsessed followers ;]
    I infatuated call or just come by

  6. Eli what's the matter with you? Stop bothering Simone can't you see she is busy besides she is going to call anyone its me. Ignore him sweet and tell me if you read my manuscript.

  7. CC thank you for stopping by and hang in there things will get better.

    ...And as for you two Eli and Jon I don't want you messing around on my blog with your silliness >:(

  8. You are a very brave person! I'm not sure I could wait that long for a acceptance/rejection letter. I waited for 3 weeks on a letter saying whether I got a job or not AND a letter from a college admissions office. They both came on the same day. I was terrified to open both of them! (on a side note, I got in to the college and got the job!!! yay!) But anyway, keep hanging in there. :)

  9. Never fear, your day is on the horizon, I know it!