Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Undone Title Dilemma

My Undone stories are Huntley, Ravensworth, Westmorland, Strange and Bessborough. I’ve submitted the first three and have based on advice given to me by the senior editor at Undone Linda Fildew in an online chat will not submit another until I’ve heard back from them.

She says there might be feedback given by their editorial staff that will alter the way I edit/present the rest of my stories. It’s good guidance, I think.

Now, there is a small matter with the title of my stories, a silly oversight on my part really. I’ve always written my stories with a single title – usually it’s the surname or title of the hero – but now I worry for at Undone the titles are more a hook line.

Notorious Lord, Compromised Miss, The Unmasking of Lady Loveless and so on. I wouldn’t even stress the matter had it not been mentioned in an interview Linda Fildew gave on Word Wrench.

Now I’m thinking Huntley: Devout Prince of Pleasure, even if he’s more decent fellow with healthy desires. I’m story boarding a Christmas story, which I’m thinking of calling ‘Albion or the Hedonistic St Nicholas'

I can’t say it without giggling.
Take care,


  1. Hi Simone,
    ‘Albion or the Hedonistic St Nicholas’ and if I might may I suggest “Albion or St Nicholas and His Little Helper” more provocative I think

  2. Tish,
    You are the best. Thanks for the laugh and the title.