Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Sisters by Abbott Handerson Thayer

Every time I see this painting I’m remained how much I really do love my sister.

She is fifteen years younger than I and I still reach of her hands when we cross the street. I drive her mad always trying to offer solutions to her every worry and I beam with pride every time she sing along to anything from the seventies for I know she got that due to my influence. She keeps me sane. I genuinely enjoy her company. I love that she is brilliant- like science smart and people smart too- even if next to her I read as unremarkable.

Abbott Handerson Thayer's The Sisters

We have most all in common and somehow we read as ice and steam. We each have strong opinions about everything and as a result row often but we laugh a hell of lot more. Talking to her after an awful day allows me sleep. I don’t just love my sister she is necessary for my happiness and without her I would be no more that a masterpiece lit by a match.
My love my care,


  1. I just love this post and your is so cool. It should be a blog of note.


  2. Wonderful post. Interesting painting.

  3. How wonderful that even with 15 years difference in your ages that you and your sister are close.

  4. Simone,
    Such lovely sentiments that are too often said when it is too late. Bravo for sharing such a lovely relationship with us.
    I'm still loving your posts and beautiful pictures. Your blog is a delightful sensual journey in the middle of an otherwise ordinary day.