Monday, August 2, 2010

The Romantic Hero

These poor gentlemen are meant to be loyal, strong and perfect but not too much so why it is enough to drive an author out her mind.

The Return Of The Prodigal Son by Pompeo Batoni

An oxymoron

A dark and brooding charmer
Who is a sensitive alpha male
Is passionate and compassionate
A fierce competitor, good sport’s man and is also selfless
Warm, strong and flawed but not so much so
Who saves orphans from burning building, overcome hardship and personal demands with sheer willpower
He is called something tragic like Darcy, Romeo or Heathcliff

The 7th Earl of Northampton by Pompeo Batoni
My love my care,


  1. Yes, an oxymoron. We certainly expect much from our men, regardless of whether we are creating them on the written page or searching for our life long love. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That is an oxymoron. Great painting, as usual.

  3. I love this Simone, thank you so much for sharing these incredible paintings.

    Thanks again for your lovely comment on my blog and now I'm following as well.

    Loves and Hugs. Lisa