Friday, July 30, 2010

A silly creature and her perfect friend

I had lunch today with one my dearest friend. She will be celebrating her fortieth birthday, twenty-first wedding anniversary and her youngest going off to university in the next little while, which of course filled with me with all sort of conflicting emotions. Jealous being the most prevalent and not for the reasons one would think either. You see, she is at peace, sort a like a Buddhist monk.

Hold Everything by Gil Elvgren

She kept telling me things have a way of working itself out and I shouldn’t worry so much and try to relax more. I tell you it truly is a strain having lunch with her, me there trying to hold it altogether and she there mocking my manic list making and fractured five year plan. Now, you may not know this but by nature I’m a frantic emotional perfectionist so naturally all this fills me with anxiety. I do love her though for she is the one person I can count on supporting my every fancy no matter how foolhardy then make me chocolate soufflé and holding my hand should said fancy fall apart.

Besides with her I'm able to laugh at myself.
A lovely weekend to you all,


  1. I think she sounds like the perfect friend!

    Have a relaxing weekend. Bisou, Cro.

  2. She sounds like a wonderful friend.

    I hear "things have a way of working itself out" all the time too. Also, "things happen for a reason". I just wish that reason would make itself clear once in awhile.

  3. She sounds like a marvelous friend.

    Things do have a way of working out. We just have to have faith.

  4. What a hilarious and lovely freindship. I do believe that you really bring out the best in each other, letting a friend be who they are and interjecting self into that friend as well.
    Time is something we don't have control of and it does seem to show us the way if we are patient. Hugs to you sweet Simone.
    Oh, I LOVED the picture you choose to go with your post!

  5. Hello Simone, Your friend sounds lovely, that kind of support and love money can't buy. I love your blog as well.

    Love Lisa xx

  6. There's an hotel in Ventnor on the Isle of Wight that has prints like your post in the gentleman's washroom.
    I was there...I just had to go and look. I wanted to steal them!

    Friendships are precious...especially the ones you can trust to be yourself in.
    Thank you for joining our blog Simone.