Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Full Moon

On nights when the moon is full and clear I fret we have upset without understanding a delicate balance but then I switch on my computer, Google my heart’s desire and soon all I’m able to do is whisper my gratitude. Thank you, Moon. I would gladly devote a full night in honour of all you have added to my life.

Moonlight by William Shih-Chieh Hung
Praise the moon

Luna tell me your secrets
Whisper in my ear all you have seen
Explain to me the purpose of Stonehenge or the mystery of Atlantis and the Bermuda triangle
Confide in me your thoughts on humanity for I often wonder how much you mind us visiting without invitation or if you resent our open ingratitude for your illumination
My love my care,


  1. Beautiful words and aptly chosen painting, Simone, and thank you for introducing me to yet another painter I hadn't heard about.

  2. I'm in love with that painting.

  3. Hello,my dear friend Simone:-)*

    I am totaly in awe with this painting,truly...
    The Moon light caal me to cry or just melancholie***

    I wil keep this painting by my computer,


  4. I love how we mystify the moon, the stars... objects out of reach allowing our hope to lingering in the space between...

    very beautiful write. the full moon, simply amazing and I love the art you selected to pair them together!

  5. We had the most beautiful moon in our skies last night! Gorgeous :)

  6. Moonlit summer nights... doesn't get much better than that. The sun warms my bones, and I am happier because of it. But the moon is magic.

  7. Where do you find your paintings? Gorgeous! I love it. The full moon haunts the cloudy skies of the Southwest, illumining cacti and desert willows. Well, not right now, because it's daylight. :)

  8. There's something about a full moon rising above the trees that fills the night with magic. No wonder she was worshipped as a goddess.

  9. LOVE THIS! Thanks so much for 'illuminating' my day

  10. I cant sleep on nights of the full moon, even though it is lovely and mysterious.