Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A romantic end

Allow me a charity my love and I will amputate with precision the bits of me that stubbornly cling to your selfish flesh then we will be as tragic constellation set to burn until consumed by dark void. Made happy in the nothingness, absent from all light.

James Tissot's A Little Nimrod

No more than child's play...
The death of a character is an inevitability for a writer but mind now for a romance novel one is required to apply asp to bosom, poison on lips, blade at heart in place of the civil passing in sleep affair. While for a truly epic tale the end demands crucifixion, firing squad, suicide, guillotines, bloodletting in iron maiden or my personal favorite the old hanged, drawn and quartered.
My love my care,


  1. Yes, you cannot beat a good old hanging, drawing and quartering. Strange picture!

  2. Amazing image. I was compelled to look at it for the longest time!

  3. I stay to look at it,dear Simone...

    And I can´t to say you precise what for feelings I has by!
    Just realy impressed me and in the same time gives me a lot different thoughts,but it came by because you little story here:-)*