Thursday, July 15, 2010

Male apparel

Yesterday afternoon I had lunch with a thirty-something real estate agent wearing a white belt. Now, I know you are thinking, ‘what a snob this Simone girl is turning out to be,’ and I may well be but you must also take in account the matching white shoes and his showcase of jewels (A diamond stud in each ear, watch, three rings, bracelet and chains). Here, it gets better for he drives a Mercedes-Benz convertible also in white. Oh and that was not the most ridiculous for you see there was also a white fedora and his cologne which I assume was very expensive only he used it in such a manner it read as cheap.

Portrait of Bonifacius Amerbach painted by Hans Holbein the Younger

Now you mustn’t think me cruel when I tell you I felt nothing but shame at being seen out in public with this absurd creature but I tell you something else beneath all this madness was a brilliant real estate agent and a charming conversationalist. Proving once more that old adage about books and there covers.

My love and a laugh to you,


  1. What used to be known over here as 'a fop'.

    Some are fine. The majority (who require attention) are not.

    Bisou, Cro.

  2. What a shame he feels the need to hide behind all that pretenc. On the other hand, shame on those of us who would judge him for doing so.

  3. Oh dear. But then, people like Tom Wolfe had their affectations, too, and were brilliant conversationalists as well. But I just got through reading "The Three Muskateers" and oh, the clothes!

  4. He sounds like a rapper right out of a music video.

    Sometimes, being gaudy is who a person is...

    I also think of the great Gatsby was the same way...but he was trying to win over a woman's love. It's funny how life happens that way.