Monday, July 12, 2010

Idle ideal

I have infuriated my loved ones for rather than going on holiday this year I have with the money saved purchased pearl earrings, bed linens, a handbag and a bottle of my favourite perfume. Silly, perhaps but I simply could not bring myself to book a trip when the weather here is so lovely and the garden is doing so well. I know they fret I will regret it come the winter but I think I’ve made the right decision. Besides, I’ve booked a few hours at a local spa and will take a few days off to read in the warmth of the sun.

Julius LeBlanc Stewart's Reading Aloud


  1. Why do people assume we need to leave home to enjoy ourselves?

    Enjoy your earrings, linens, handbag and perfume, Simone. I'm sure they'll bring you well-deserved pleasure.

  2. Pearls, purses and spas.. what more could a woman want? It seems silly to pay for a day of sun when you have it right here.

  3. How appropriate your choice seems to me.

    Living in Alaska, all my U.S. friends assume we must get "out". But there is a reason we live here. Maybe they don't want to imagine it...


  4. Sounds lovely to me! Enjoy your peaceful time at home!

  5. Good for you, Simone. A holiday is supposed to make you happy. If staying home with a new bottle of perfume does it for you, good! Don't let other people tell you how to run your life.

  6. Sounds like you have what you need :) Enjoy!

  7. Hello,dear Simone!-)*

    That's true...reading between the blowing trees in the garden!
    Just realy good decision,my dear,dear Friend:-)*
    Absolutely joyful time,


  8. Simone,

    Our bodies, heart and spirits must be nurtured continuously at all levels.
    The key really is to indulge the senses with a passion.
    We alone know what makes us happy at the moment. Enjoy and savor the delights of your indulgences dearest. May everyday bring you it's own happiness.


  9. How refreshing to hear that you are doing what suits you. Sounds as though you've made a wise decision. Enjoy.

  10. Simone, only you can determine what makes you happy. If perfume, a purse and a day at the spa float your boat, then sail on girlfriend. I hope you have an enjoyable holiday. All the best.


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