Friday, November 20, 2009

My Process, This Time On the Matter of Love

Who says I love you first?

The 'I love you' often signals the end of a romance novel, which is a complete contradiction to real life where the 'I love you' often marks the beginning of a life filled with turmoil, a possible wedding that ends the romance promptly, then followed by children and a sexless marriage.
Grim, yes, I know... But thankfully that is for other people and the Oprah show to contend with, for I write romance novels.

The 'I love you' in my novels is an epic ideal meant to entertain and lighten the day of the reader. For this to work there needs to be an appropriate degree of gravity given to the moment, but to tell the truth I’ve seldom seen it done to my liking.

Except maybe once in a film called ‘Une Liaison Pornographique’ when the female lead professes her love to the male who weeps in a sort of silent lament because he did not know how much he truly felt for her. It touched both her and I deeply. Now, you must understand that neither her nor I are the type for a crying male, but it fit with his character and the mood of the film.

I use it now as the guide for the 'I love you's in my novels; this moment that need only be authentic to the characters. In my first novel Ellesmere, for instance, the two were strong-willed and contentious, so their declaration of love was just so. She tells him she loves him and he cites for her the flaws in her logic only to relent after seeing the truth in her argument.

The novel, I’m storyboarding now, has the male lead declaring his love through cake.

This proves once more that writing is truly semi-autobiographical, for it’s always been my practice to bake for the one I love. Trust me, nothing says 'I love you' more than a Black Forest cake made from scratch with real whipped cream... Unless, of course, you like cheese cake or would simply rather have it said.

Or in the romance audience's case, written in Times New Roman, font size 12 and dripping in romantic sentiment. There needs to be tender feelings expressed eloquently and, depending on preference, near the very end of the novel in sweeping sonnets. I’ll more than likely change the cake bit before I start writing in earnest.

All my very best and a lovely weekend to all,



  1. The intro to what you are sharing says so much. I have never heard of the film that you mentioned it sounds X rated with the last word.

  2. What a lovely blog! I'm a romantic deep down- if a story doesn't have romance it probably won't catch or hold my interest.

    I love you is a big leap in any story and especially in real life! I love integrating it into baking- I bake for my hubby all the time.

  3. Love and cake Simone I don't think you should change it. Everybody loves cake and want to be in love.
    I love your blog a lot.

  4. wow--wonderfully said. You are really a talented one...and by the way
    thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. Thanks for your kind remarks, I love hearing from you.
    ...Tom I agree it does sound x rated but it is not, its quite good.
    ...And as for the love and cake well I'll let you ladies know how it progresses.
    Take care to have a great weekend,

  6. You have a beautiful blog! And I love your post!

  7. Hello Simone,

    I really appreciate your visit on my blog. Thank you so much for the nice words.
    Your blog is so wonderful. Treasures everywhere. ;-)

  8. Your musings are quite interesting and poignant. I was discussing this very thing yesterday morning!

  9. thanks so much for your lovely comment!
    did i mention that i like your profile pic?

  10. Good afternoon all,
    It's great to see you all. I've been looking into Wild Rose Press for one of my short story so if anyone know anything about them please let me know.
    All my very best and a lovely week to you all,

  11. Thanks very much for stopping by my blog. I wish you the best of luck with your writing. I love romance novels. Your story sounds great!

  12. Oh, that's interesting. I just told about the books to my friends last week and one of my friends said "I bet it is going to be made into movie or something". The fact that it is a spin-off to Sex and The City allready sells it a lot.
    Have a great week and thanks for your nice comments! :)


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