Monday, November 30, 2009

Some of the art from the Regency Era

Allow me to present the masters of the Romantic landscape John Constable ‘the English romantic’ and Joseph Mallord William Turner, "the painter of light". Though polar opposite in life they each brand with their influenced the pricturesque landscapes we have know come to associate with the Regency period.

John Constable painted by Ramsey Reinagle

John Constable was 52 when he was finally elected to the Royal Academy and even though he remained popular to the end he did not experience half the fortune or success Turner did. Constable love his art but he loved his country and his wife far more saying this of his England, "I would rather be a poor man [at home] than a rich man abroad." This he said though in is life time he sold more painting in France than in his native a England.

Here is Constable at his most ideal

And here 'Salisbury Cathedral' Constable's most famous piece


Joseph Mallord William Turner a self-portrait

Turner entered the Royal Academy Art schools in 1789, when he was only 14 years old, and was accepted into the academy a year later. He was the rearest of artist for he was both successful in is lifetime and tormented by his devotion to the purity of his art. It was once said that, ‘There can never have been another artist who endured and braved so much for his art,’ I don’t know if that’s my belief entirely but I do respect his courage and daring. For his devotion to his art he lost friends and much of his support from the Royal Academy but he was their brightest so he was tolerated. He exhibited there until 1850, the year before his death. He was 76 years old.

A price that has motivated me to take back up my paintbrushes.

And this is proof positive that Turner paints the light.

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  1. Simone, thanks so much for joining my site. Living in the Western Cape we don't have much access to great works of art other than through illustrated books and, of course now, the internet. However, I remember when I first visited the Turner Hall in the London National Gallery (?) how awed I was by the glowing light in his paintings. A would be watercolour painter myself at that stage I was similarly inspired but eventually decided that the camera was the better medium for me anyway.

    Hope your week is productive and happy.

  2. Simone, thank you for this write-up, esp. for the Turner images. I'm familiar with quite a bit of Turner (The Tate Britain is one of my very favorite places), but unfortunately these paintings had eluded me; they're so very atmospheric, and it's refreshing to see something of Turner's that isn't as famous as what is usually put on exhibit. "Jupiter" is exquisite.
    Again, thanks for yet another beautiful post.
    Have a great week,

  3. these pictures took my breath away! so beautiful thank you for sharing you knowledge.

  4. Your blog is wonderful! Thank you for stopping by Willow Manor. I'll be back for a visit soon!

  5. I actually have that Constables watermill picture on the wall in my hall :)) Not the original, off course :)

  6. Beautiful images and thanks for the insights! xo Terri

  7. Simone, these are absolutely beautiful. I think my favorite is the second one you posted of Constable's.

  8. Mesmerizing photos!
    You have a beautiful blog.

  9. Constable's painting w/ the rainbow has everything--peacefulness and drama, red spots of color in foreground. It makes me want to run out right now and read a gothic romance, or write one.

  10. how very nice to meet you. your blog is AMAZING. I love the feel of it and, of course, love the art work! Constable is in my top 3 favourite artists of all time, for starts. I've always adored his Salisbury Cathedral depiction bathed, as it were, in heaven's light.

    Well, I do hope you can have some fun and come to my Tea. If you do, perhaps you can say hello, tell us what you are wearing so we can say hello back! the food will be incredible, let me assure you.

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  12. Hello all,
    I'm thrilled you're enjoying the art and will, if I haven't already pop by your blogs though it will more than likely be in the afternoon for I'm off now to meet with one of the candidates vying to be my editor. I hope this is the one.
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  13. It would be terribly hard to do a self-portrait, you know?

  14. Beautiful! And I learned something too. Thanks Simone :)

  15. A Brilliant post Simone, beautifully constructed and informative, an education in itself . .

    . . thank you :)


    PS. Good luck with the whole publishing malarkey!

  16. Simone, good luck! Hope to hear something soon.

  17. Your blog is beautiful. I studied history of art in college and remember John Constable's work. Thanks for sharing a classic painter.

    Also thank you for stopping by my blog. I am so happy you enjoyed my photography.

    Julie Magers Soulen Photography
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  18. I would love to jump into one of those paintings in true Mary Poppins style. But I'll settle for a nice daydream. :]

  19. You're spot is bursting at the seams with goodness. Im almost overwhelmed when I visit.

  20. Aww yes I do love art. Not sure If I have seen these before.