Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beautiful desire

Or greedy for simplicity? 

Symphony in Red and Gold by Jean Béraud

In an attempt to be happy I’ll given up grand wants for basic needs. So from here out I’ll abandon all frivolous desires in order to live as monk, eating crust of bread and surrendering ambition. Oh and there will be no more chocolate or fresh cut flowers that last but a moment or pretty silk things that I never bother to wear in my rush out the door. Oh, but my perfume stays for it is essential for my peace of mind and for it I’ll set aside the fancy imported teas for the mint growing in the pot on my windowsill. Now if that will do you won’t catch me running round to the shops to see what’s on sale for from here forth I’ll make do with the little I do have.
All my love,


  1. i dont generally need much to be happy, but i do need a bit of decadence every now and then

  2. It's surprising how little one needs to be happy, but giving up chocolate? Seriously? I think not!