Saturday, October 23, 2010

Homage to Dali

I’ve been delighting in the apples of the orchard. All of them nearly sweet and fit but not ripe or tender as only an apple can be. Here where the autumn skies hint at winter and laments the summer with shows of fantastic sunsets with brilliant magentas that rivals the trees grand display of stunning yellows, orange, reds, burgundies and sumptuous purples. In these fields I’m able to see the birth of the surrealist, hence my homage to my most revered.

Character Masquerading in Pinning Up a Butterfly by Salvador Dali
A lovely weekend to you all,


  1. For some reason, to me, the light always has a greater clarity this time of year. I like to think it's to set off the colour of the leaves and the brilliance of the sunrise/sunsets.

  2. i love dali, his paintings are almost as trippy as his mustache