Thursday, October 21, 2010

LOVE, Love love this painting

Superciliousness, her eyes, her lips, her air of arrogance.

Portrait of Maggie Wilson by Frank Duveneck

There is a sort of distance between us and it grows with ever word left unsaid which is funny for we’re forever in conversation. Maybe today I’ll be kind and tell you some truth with the hope you will follow but I’ll more than like not for we are comfortable. Besides, what does it matter now I’ve out grown us.
My love my care,


  1. There's a good expression here, which I almost never use: "She's got a face like a smacked arse". I thought you might like that, but I could be wrong...

  2. she looks like she'd hurt me, its a great painting

  3. What an beautiful eyes and lips,indeed...

    Beautiful painting,dear Simone:-)*

    My Love and hugs to you,

  4. The poor gal is choking from that collar!