Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Love, sacrifice and the...

'Love' my Great-grandfather McQueen told me is to be treated as oil transported in palm, securely cradled but not tightly gripped. This bit of wisdom bothered me something awful, for I thought if it is so precious a thing why not carry it in a proper vessel.

Venus with a Mirror by Titian

Despite my lack of virtue I have your consideration and not due to flawless form or brilliant wit but habit.
This I cannot stomach so here in an attempt to be worthy of this tendre I will put forth effort at virtue.
Now with prudence anew I have decided to be unselfish and will give you up.
My love my care,


  1. awww.. although, commendable, knowing when to give up...

    teach me! :)

  2. Your great-grandmother sounds like a very interesting woman! I've never heard the treatment of love described in that way before, but it's beautifully said!