Friday, June 18, 2010

And Still

My wish for each of you, a blissful summer’s fling. It is just the thing for the contently married to rediscover each other and if you are single... well there is nothing quite as affirming as long lazy days spent uncovering sweet surrender.

Lord Frederick Leighton's Girl in Green

It had been tidy our little war

Compelled by sweet arrest we in spite pending tragedy went forth as Capulet and Montague
Unwilling to surrender to romantic ever-after we sharpened our blades in anticipation of epic end
Still we had been typical
Yielding in the waning hours as strangers full of fear
Allowing jealousy dressed as vengeance to take hold what was left of fond feeling and a near amiable break
Even here we had been as the others
Bending to loneniess giving into flesh time and again
Tormented by primal longing succumb to the weakness with glutton’s appetite
I measure now our little catastrophe as success for we at least had been civil in our carnage
All of it done in private
 under the covers
in one afternoon

My love my care,


  1. ´´Summer fling´´...sounds SO good,dear Simone!-)***
    Your language,your tongue is incredible good!!!
    And,by the way...long lazy days can also been fantastic enjoiment,and not only when you are single:-)))*

    My Love and hugs for you,

  2. Simone, Your blog entries are delicious morsels for my brain. Another lovely entry.

  3. Hip hip hooray! Summer flings for everyone-- lovely.

  4. Oh goodness -- right now my idea of a good summer fling is lots of naps with fresh, crisp sheets and quiet in the house! Life has been crazy.

  5. I have to untie most of mine before they promise to give in to sweet surrender, Simone. Maybe it's my age?

  6. Hey! You have an award here. :) Drop by when you can.

  7. Hey, Simone, just letting you know that you won an award over at my blog, so check that out! :D

  8. Girl in Green looks so real!