Thursday, June 10, 2010

Devotion to a happy thought

I’m irritatingly analytical about heart, love and relationships. Often dissecting with keen logic and trusty list of pros/cons leaving whimsy for my manuscripts. This leads me to wonder if I should see an analysis but then I remember acceptance of my own true nature is in itself a sort of ideal.

Peter Rodulfo's In The Evening

A purposeful  glance

We share a memory of a perfect moment neither was party to

In it we laughed at the simple, drank of the wine and made love until the setting sun was engulfed by the unhurried night

Both of us made new in a sort of baptism of flesh

Whispering until our voices were but hoarse rumbles

We are capable of it

You need only take hold of my hand and pull me close

I’m giving you permission telekinetically

Only you can’t hear me

Why can’t you hear me?

All my love. Now you take care,


  1. Lovely as always. The painting looks so peaceful. Have a wonderful day.

    Thoughts in Progress

  2. Accepting our own true nature is a good idea, but we should never stop questioning what our true nature is. Does this make sense or am I crazy?

  3. So much can be said in a single, purposeful glance . . .

    I loved both your poem and the painting.

  4. Your words and the painting you chose are lovely.

  5. What a nice place, so green and lush

  6. Beautiful poetry as always, Simone. The power of love is amazing and your words describing that passion is jaw-dropping. Also, the painting is a beautiful green, bright, and full of light, much of what we see when we're in love.

    Awesome post and write on!