Saturday, June 12, 2010

Brilliant change is in the air

I've been feeling it for a little while now and today I'm certain. It's odd for I haven't any proof only a nagging feeing that I've embraced it as truth.

Frank Dicksee's The Mirror

It was good to see you

I loved seeing you there out of the blue in a place that wasn’t ours
With your voice inducing shivers
As match in the dark your presence instantly felt
Lighting my path and making light my path
I love the way you inhabit space and because of it I’ve granted you thought

Allowing you to occupy useful hours with desire and fancy

My love my care,


  1. "It was so good to hear your voice and know that the angels kept you through the long night…"


  2. This is my first visit to your blog site, Simone. You are Simone aren't you? I loved your poem. We actually live quite close to the village of Ellesmere in Shropshire UK. Must get round to reading all those short stories at the side of your blog, as time will allow. Thank you Molly

  3. I've been feeling the change in the air, too. I wonder what it could be.

  4. Beautiful imagery as always, Simone. The match in the dark, a lightened path, and induced shivers.

    Powerful words, too.

    I especially enjoyed the last sentence, "Allowing you to occupy useful hours with desire and fancy," which leaves the reader thinking and imagining.

    Great post and write on!