Sunday, June 27, 2010

My favorite place to spend an hour

I have, since childhood, had an unnatrual fascination with cemeteries. I love the solitude, manicured lawns, all the sweet sorrow carved into stone and fresh cut flowers.

Caspar David Friedrich's The Cemetery Gate (The Churchyard)

I've found the garden
In it we sleep eternally
Without worry of depraved indifference
For long before we had gone we would have seen all worth seeing
and eaten all the cake.
My love my care,


  1. I actually love the silence and the tone around cemeteries. I always venture around and look at the statues and gravestones with fascination. What if their stories could be whispered into my ear? Always made me wonder since I was seven years old.

    As for the poem, I like how it ends with the idea of having a fulfilled life with all the sights being seen and all the cake eaten.

    Awesome thoughts, poem, and art, Simone. Write on!

  2. I love graveyards too, Simone - I wonder why such melancholy places are so pleasant to be in?

  3. Oh Simone, Yes, cemeteries are wonderful places to reflect and I feel the same way. I never turn down a chance to visit one. Have a great week.