Friday, June 4, 2010

The idea behind writing

It comes from living. In bliss, in tear and heartbreak but mostly it comes for reading. Writers read every bit as much as they write if not more. Reading improves the state of my mind, giving it the foundation to create. It is the good bones needed to sustain my ideas.

All that is nothing if one does not write for as simple as it sounds, a writer writes.

Stephen Gjertson's An English Table

Bliss is more elusive than easy fortune but ever so often I stumble upon it
There in the curve in the road that leads to the perfect cafe where a smiling stranger waits
Only I’ve been thought never to engage strangers so I observe from a distance
It start to rain out and I open my book and pretend to read
The smiling stranger is soon joined by a pretty girl with wet hair and tragic shoes
He rise to greet her with fond smile and warm hug
I can’t hear what they saying but I imagine it is sweet and affirming
I’m thrilled for seeing them there together fully grown and knowing that they came from deep within me confirms for me bliss and my love for my craft

This I've written today.

My love my care,


  1. Aloha Lovely Simone,
    I am so happy to of visited you.Mahalo for your inspirational words of beauty

  2. I'm trying to decide in what ACCENT I should read your poem, Simone? 'Bliss' certainly IS more elusive than 'easy fortune'.

    Have a lovely weekend, Cro.

  3. So lovely to see them happy - it is a good feeling! :)

  4. Yeah, I know the cafe you're talking about, but I bet mine looks a little different from yours. Hmm. I'm imagining it right now.

  5. You're are correct that many writers must read to sustain their ideas within their minds. Reading goes hand-in-hand with writing. I love the line, "Reading improves the state of my mind, giving it the foundation to create." I couldn't have said it better myself. I also enjoyed the poem. Write on, Simone!

  6. Hi , I'm back after a long blogging break catching up with you all will be a pleasure.
    Take care Susanx

  7. I absolutely believe that "Reading improves the state of my mind". It also provides a much needed escape at times.