Saturday, February 20, 2010

An Excerpt From What Is To Be David and Margaret's Story

The initial musings are here and now I have the first few pages but I still don't know if there is enough original material there for a full novel.

William McGregor Paxton's The Sisters

This bit is a little advice from Collette a once brilliant courtesan turn respectable lady as offered to our dear Margaret.

“To get your husband to look at you for a second time takes no more than practiced slide of hand. You want him engaged, so we start with your skin. We’ll bathe you in milk and perfume your skin with a whisper of scandal. Only the merest hint mind you. This will feed his senses and nurture in him interest anew but we must be mindful to always make certain your natural essence linger just beneath the surface. After all what we have set out to do is remind him of the you he fell in love with. Are you alright Countess?”

“I’m somewhat overwhelmed by all the to dos but please go on I’ll adapt.”

Collette smiled in the way of one who knew all too well, what was at stake before proceeding with, “You’ll want to layer your mystique.”

“But I haven’t any mystique.”

“Nonsense, now be a Dear and don’t interrupt there is much we must cover and I’m expected elsewhere outside of this hour.”

“My apologies,” Margaret said with humbleness well beyond her own nature and Collette continued as before.

“And even in this we must always be mindful to keep you centre, we don’t want you replaced by the things I’m imparting. We want him always well aware at day’s end that at the core of his desire is his want for you. The frocks, perfume and the new approach is to be ornamental for the last thing you want is to employ it as occupation you’ll have to maintain when your focus aught to be your happy marriage.”

“How will I do that?”

“You are interrupting again my dear.”

“Forgive it, my anxiety precedes me.”

“Nerves aren’t permitted my Dear for they lead to folly and I simply cannot abide an unsteady female.”

“It is conquered, I guarantee it,” Margaret said with regal rise of chin, “You have all my full attention.”

“Your attire must always hint at your desire for him and because you are fair of hair I suggest we introduce a few pieces of red to your wardrobe. This too is to be done sparingly. We move forward boldly but we do so in inches so long before you ever lay hand on your unsuspecting husband you would have touched him in away that both engaged and aroused. Now we have you dress for purpose and him rapt in want we cultivate in him urgency.” Collette held a moment when Margaret appeared to pale then she said. “My Dear Countess, you are the very image of a beset heroine.”

“I’ll admit to feeling set upon but I shall persevere,” Margaret said with all the confidence she could muster. It was enough to convince Collette to proceed even if she was little more watchful of her companion this time round. She also thoughtfully interjected a measure of comfort in her instructions when she spoke next.

“All right now this bit is critical and I’ll tell you ahead of time that it will seem daunting but I’m confident you’ll see it through.”

To say Margaret was made frantic at Collette’s attempt at comfort would be akin to saying deep is the ocean relative to my cup of tea but she bore it well, for a moment at any rate.

“You are going to have to look half aroused yourself whenever you are in company with your husband. It may seem an ordeal but you are to make an effort to appear as flush as lust fulfilled.”

“Here pray tell how do you propose I manage that feat?” Margaret all but yelled.

“As naturally as possible,” Collette said without falter. “We pitch your cheek to blush, rub your lips to plump and see you look him directly in the eyes oh also if you could manage erect nipples-”

“I beg your pardon,” Margaret said above a gasp.

“That will take no more than practiced fingers and the proper garment to show it to advantage,” Collette said before demonstrating with dexterous show of hand to an instantly awed Margaret. “There you see and now the stage is set for your reveal. Oh and this is to remain paramount for though you have placed yourself in my capable hands the task is yours and yours alone, so fearless you must be.”

A brilliant weekend to you all,


  1. "I simply cannot abide an unsteady female". What a wonderful notion.

    Simone; aren't you giving away too many secrets?

  2. Ah, those were the days, when erect nipples were an important part of the chosen arsenal of female enticement. The current trend amongst 16 to 25 year-olds is to keep them as hidden as possible, with padded underwear. Sadly, my young lady friends would be seen dead with erect nipples.

  3. “As naturally as possible,” Collette said without falter. “We pitch your cheek to blush, rub your lips to plump and see you look him directly in the eyes oh also if you could manage erect nipples-”

    Lol on the last one :) Great one

  4. This was so much fun to read. :) I hope you find enough material to write the whole story.

  5. As always, a pleasure to read your writing. You draw the reader in, place them beside the ladies and involve them in the conversation. Beautifully done.

  6. What a beginning! I can't wait for more.

  7. Wow, this is spectacular to read. I love the wording and imagery in here.

  8. This is a very entertaining read. The two women in the photo match the topic perfectly. I have never seen a photo like that before you can almost see a conversation like this taking place in the photo.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Tom Bailey

  9. Oh, the wiles of women! Simone, you are so so so good at this. And you don't even need me to say it... you know it. But you are just so good. You are most definitely born to write this style. So keep writing it, and don't rest until you've got your Romantic Query turned into a Romantic Contract! I will be first in line to order your book.


  10. I am spellbound! To think that this world can still posess some traces of yesterday's treasure through your style of writing... It's simply wonderful, Simone! (^_^)

  11. This was so fun to read. I wonder if Margaret will carry through with Collette's teachings.

  12. Enchanting writing, Simone! I hope you're well. :)


    from the desk of a writer

  13. What a beautiful read! How do you keep finding these stunning images?


  14. A wonderful glimpse of coming attractions.

  15. this is what im talking about, Dearest Simone.
    You've bewitched me.


  16. Never hear4d of this fiction before. But I guess it's worth a read. I'll see if I can get it online!

    Thanks for sharing, dear friend!

  17. FWIW, I'm impressed Simone. You truly captured the spirit of the times. Great imagery and believable dialogue.

    If the story were made into a novel, perhaps you could stretch some of the intrigue out. This way the reader doesn't learn too much about the characters too soon. Keep em guessing until the end. I enjoyed reading your story, it's the bones of a great novel. IMHO, I say go for it, maybe this is "the one"(:

    All the best.

  18. What a beautiful picture and beautiful words!
    I hope you have enough. I wish you the best of luck!

  19. My thanks to each of you for stopping by to read my musings, I'm as grateful as ever.
    Oh and Cro the truth is it simply never occurred to me but now you have mentioned it I shall be mindful.
    Warm regards to you all,

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