Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Unrequited Love, a Many Sordid Thing


None of the love songs apply to this strange love affaire. The lovelorn has yet to accept that the one she loves will not grow to love her in time. She stupidly wears her hair with the hope it will please this illusive stranger.

Her reflection becomes the center of her universe and like love ideal, it is her first thought of the day, her only genuine desire, her last prayer before she close her eyes.

She has denied herself chocolate and has long given up her smile.

Reducing her humanity to the gratuity, she has figured in to the cost of making herself presentable. A few extra dollars for the efficient women who remove unwanted hair, colour away natural roots, polish nails and rub tension from her body.

All with the hope of pleasing the one person who will never truly take pleasure in her and soon she hates as much as loves that imperfect unblinking stranger staring back from her mirror with something like sympathetic contempt in her eyes.

My love, my care,


  1. Very well written. I know I'm guilty of trying to look nice for other people. Sometimes I think I put make-up on for women more than men because we can be so surveying of each other. For the most part, men don't care. It's so messed up!

    Peace and love, amy

  2. Oh, we can be so unmerciful with ourselves, thinking minor flaws are lit with flashing neon signs. I quit wearing make-up for quite a while, because i felt like, who cares, I'm not here to win a pageant. But recently I have broken out the war paint again, simply because it makes me feel good to see that pretty face looking back from the glass, whether anyone else agrees or does not. Easy breezy cover girl, that's me!

    I liked this post very much, Simone. Oh, and I think that Amy is right, it's women who notice all that stuff, more than men. We must sustain our place in the pack! ;-)

  3. I am linking your blog to my interesting blogs on the side of my page. Is that alright with you? If not, please tell me and I will take it down.

  4. Powerful & universal. Nicely done.

  5. Oh, Simone, that's so brutally honest. And why do we try so hard? There's nothing wrong with wanting to look good... nothing at all. But sometimes the effort takes a downward direction and leads to, like you said, the loss of self-recognition. That's a sad place to be. A beautiful piece of writing that we can all relate to, to varying extents... even the men, though they'll never admit it!


  6. Simone, did you read my previous comment?
    i hope you dont mind at all if i add you in my j'adore blog list?
    i think this will work... i dunno...
    i dont get this thing, really....

    im so lame.

  7. She breaks my heart. There has to be hope for her somewhere else.

  8. My thanks to each of you for you kind comments I'm grateful.

    Now Avalon and Lakhsmita, you both have my eternal gratitude for this kindness done.

    All my love,

  9. This is poignant and it hits a nerve, definitely, for me, especially lately.

    (Why does this road look and feel so familiar again? Oh. That's right...)

  10. Truly lovely...and sad. Her redemption would make an excellent story :)

    Love your writing.

  11. Simone,

    Truly you have touched so many of us with words that are birthed from your romantic heart and soul. Much of your writing finds a way into a crevice of our emotional being, hits and strikes a nerve so delicately and yet so passionately at the same time. Your writing touches each time dear friend. Your words as in musical notes, together make sweet song. Thank you for your visits as well.