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Chapter One, Two, Three and Four my thanks to each of you for your continued support.

Louis-Jean-Francois Lagrenee's 'Mars and Venus an Allegory of Peace'

Chapter Five

His survey of her was far more exploratory and sensual.

He held her in an impassioned gaze that melted the sensible amber of her eyes to golden honey and pulled colour from her cheeks. Then he, with strong warm hands, took hold of her face, touching her unhurriedly, deliberate dragging his thumbs over her fair brows and plush coral lips.

Jaclyn’s skin burned with awareness, her lips sizzled with want where he touched and she licked at them in a futile attempt to stop the burn.

She was unable to breathe with him so close, looking at her as if she were water and he on fire. It had been there in his eyes this palpable yearning that gave her the impression that he was an inferno and it was all she could do not to toss herself as a willing sacrifice on his flame.

She was consumed by the heat of his touch and the erotic spice of his skin, an intoxicating mix of sharp musky clove, bruised rosemary and something else that was unique to him alone.

He was waiting for something, a sign from her and then she, in a sort of bated hush, said, “Eli.”

It was both question and plea – that seemed to say ‘what are you doing to me’ and ‘please, please don’t stop until you’ve put out this flame you’ve lit.’ It was precisely what he had been waiting for.

Eli could see she had wanted him as much as he wanted her but he did not want to proceed until she acknowledged it.

The instant she did, he kissed her and all else fell away, they were held suspended, synchronized, bound. They were at once fuel and flame, the heat and the burn, both set ablaze from the sweet friction of hot lips brushed against each other.

He was masterful connoisseur to her starving glut and he provided for her a feast unlike any she had ever partaken of before

They were wrapped tight in each other’s arms in an unbroken embrace, their hot ravenous lips and wet probing tongues, licking, sucking and feeding the other’s desire. When the intensity of the kiss threatened to turn in to something more Eli tried breaking the embrace only to discover she was not so willing.

He tried to coax her down with tiny kisses and gasping plea along the lines of: We should stop now, we could be discovered, take heart and have mercy, I can’t stand much more, but it was to no avail. She was undeterred and the truth was that he was only half committed to dissuading her.

He had wanted her too damn long to now pretend otherwise and when she offered those plush coral lips, her expression like that of a devout at the altar he took hungrily. His entire body an open nerve susceptible to her every touch… that and her growing demand was wreaking havoc on his control.

His body was tense and her malleable body pressed against his was as a blade to tightly drawn cords – violently severed, pulled to extreme and left open to her whims. They were enveloped in each other’s arms with their lips moulded together in one of those slow, purposefully arousing kisses that preceded things that no maiden, no matter how fallen or how close to her wedding day she was, should engage in.

She there, stretched along the length of his body, his right hand firmly on her bottom while grinding into her through the unyielding confines of their clothes. She discovered the pleasures to be had from the friction produced when rubbed against his erection and she writhed against him with wanton delight until he groaned into her mouth.

They’d have to stop.

Jaclyn knew this but was not interested in anything that would lead to Eli taking is hands and lips from her body so it was left to him. He mustered strength then lifted his lips from hers and waited a moment for her to regain focus then said, “We marry in the morning.”

“Yes, I know,” she said with a predatory grin and pressed her groin to his.

Eli took a sharp breath then said, “Jaclyn that was not said to feed your want but to encourage your restraint.”

Undeterred Jaclyn with hot lips over his face and her hands under his jacket said, “You’ve set me aflame Eli and I’ll surely die by the morning if you don’t help me extinguish it.”

“Stop that,” Eli pled as she dragged her nails over waistcoat, linen shirt and the muscular planes of his back. “That door is not locked and –”

“Is that all it would take?” she purred against his ears, “Me locking the door?”

“Have mercy on me sweetheart,” Eli begged, “I’m not able to bear much more.”

“Much more of what?” she asked innocently and dug her nails into his back.

“You play nice or –”

“Or what? You’ve already set me on fire and threatened to leave me burning until tomorrow,” she said miserably, and pulled her hands from his back, to his taut derriere and laid into him.

“You’re being unreasonable.”

“And you’re being cruel,” she shot back, her face suddenly very sad then she said. “Unless I’ve not affected you in the way you have done for me.”

“Oh, don’t you worry, sweetheart. I’m in just about as much agony as one can bear.”

“Then why don’t you…”

“Because what my body wants from yours will take time,” he said with gentle hand on her face but she would not be discouraged.

“How much time?”

“More time than we can stay locked up here without your father calling for pistols.”

“Come then and I shall steal you away to my chambers through the secret corridors,” she said her voice a hum as she press her lips against his ear, her greedy little hands roaming over the length of his back from bottom to sensitive scalp.


“Hmm,” was all she could manage for she was nibbling compliance from the tender flesh of his earlobes and suddenly he could not remember why he was protesting so much... She wanted him, he was beyond aroused and his poor little heart was beating a rapid tattoo against his chest in a futile attempt at regulating the flow of his desire.

She was relentless and he acquiesced.

“Here,” murmured Eli, his deep blue eyes aflame his hand on both side her face, “Tell me are you able to stop tormenting me long enough to see us to your bed?”

Jaclyn smiled triumphantly reached up pressed her lips to his then said, “Only just.”

She then stepped backwards pulling him as she went towards the fireplace and push with her hip the panel to the right and revealing a hidden passage. She walked into the darkness saying over her shoulder as she went, “Stay close for we will have to make it there in the dark.”

They hurried forward in a sort of anticipatory silence and emerged a few moments later in her dressing room where she, the night before, had tended his injury. She went ahead of him to her bedchamber kicking off her slippers and pulling out her hairpins en route to bolting the door leading from her chambers to the hallway.

She turned then, her face framed by golden tresses, her bosom rising under the weight of her want and he approached purposefully pulling off his jacket and waistcoat as he went. The frenzied urgency from before now replaced by something they brought with them from the cool darkness of the secret passage.

It was deliberate, charged and sexual. They were engaged now in a different sort of game, something where the anticipation – the holding back was as intense as the touch. He held just out her reach and undid his neck-cloth daring her to follow suit.

Jaclyn lifted a provocative brow, reached behind her back and tugged at the fasteners until her frock came undone then she leisurely pulled it down the length of her body to reveal a silky full-length shift. Eli breath caught as he absorbed the delight of a most powerful ocular orgasm.

He had never seen anything like it in all his life. It was the perfect marriage of garment and the female form.

The bleeding thing seemed to be created for the sole purpose of driving him out his mind. It was made out of a fabric that could only be described as whisper thin, spun gold. It clung to her at breast, hip and left nothing to the imagination. She was laughing at him.

“I take it you like Tessa’s invention,” Jaclyn said with a seductive hand over fabric and breast.

Eli took an involuntary step forward, she took a deliberate one backward and the wicked slip rippled over her feminine curves. It essentially melted Eli’s brain as he tried to decide whether he wanted to strip it from her body and bury his want in her flesh or to have her walk the length of the room so he could observe it and her from every angel.

“It’s skin soft,” Jaclyn offered as she dragged her hands lower. “Would you like to touch it?”
She had an expression on her face that said, ‘Look I’ve beat you at your own game…’ And he smiled back for he knew she would soon see her error then he said, “You, my dear, are an apt student but I can’t help but feel that I ought to caution you against arrogance.”

“Is that a no to fondling of the garment then?” she continued this time grabbing a handful of the slip so she could tug it up to expose her stockinged leg.

Eli chuckled, leaned against her bed and yanked off his boot his voice a raspy rumble saying, “No, no… come, let’s have a feel.”

His voice was layered with his intent and she shivered as she went forwards with wobbly knees. Then she was in his arms and everything after that was an excruciatingly persistent burn. Him peeling off the slip to feed on her body fondling her breasts full, ample and greedy for his touch, sucking at her nipples until they were engorged and tender.

She was made molten by his increasingly intimate exploration.

He lifted her onto the bed, peeling off her stockings licking and nibbling as he went, reducing her to nothing but an inarticulate hedonist. Her legs spread around his shoulders as he wickedly freed her of inhibitions with his lascivious tongue labouring between her thighs.

All she had been was no more. She was pillaged by pleasure, by this masterful god of sex and resurrected as a primal lustful creature good only for his touch. Her lungs were on fire as it rushed to keep up with the beating of her heart and the quickening of her flesh.

As he relentlessly lavished orgasm-inducing kisses to the little bud at the centre of her flower and she raised her hips as the pressure built to frenzy. Soon she was engulfed by a sort of madness that made her tug at his hair and dig her heels into his back and still he kept his slow methodically torturous pace.

Then she, her body pulled tight, all her focus on that spot just inside her where his tongue transformed new awareness into rapturous delight, was turned inside out. She spilt over raw and carnal her body drenched in sweat.

Eli held her until she regained equilibrium kissing her gently his mouth tasting of her his large warm hands soothing away the spasms and coaxing in her a new tension. His eyes dark with his own want was focussed on her face searching for sign she was ready and she with passion anew said, “Let me look at you Eli, so you may know your body the way you now know mine.”

He ripped off what remained of his clothes and Jaclyn traveled the length of his beautiful unyielding body with ravenous eye and hands pushing him backwards into the down of her pillows so she could do to him some of the things he had done to her.

Feasting upon his divine flesh, licking sharp rasping breaths from his nipples as his hard muscular chest jumping involuntary under her administration. Then licked lower over his rippling abdomen dipping her tongue in his navel causing him to growl.

It made her feel powerful to be able to bring this rumoured prince of pleasure to his knees and when she licked at his masculinity resting proudly against his belly she just about growl herself.

He gasped and thrust his hips upward, encouraging Jaclyn to explore further. She gripped his base, licking more vigorously at his hard, hot oh so silky against her tongue until he roared up and flipped her over onto her back. His voice ragged, as he said, “No more. I have to be inside you. Tell me you’re ready and can wait no more.”

“Come to me,” she said her voice every bit as crazed as his and he kissed her passionately.

Eli took her by inches, terrified that should he move too swiftly he would fall to pieces but she was so soft and so incredibly tight he could hardly stand it. Then he was at the barrier that made it impossible to continue without force and he felt her brace as he nudged against it.

She gasped, her lips at his ear, her words an ache as she pleaded with him to end her misery.

“Now Eli, please I can’t bear it.”

Her legs wrapped around his thighs and her arms anchored around hips pulling him forward until he was buried completely in her hot yielding body. Jaclyn’s breath caught at the pain, he held still his body shaking with want, dripping in sweat, and then she relaxed some around him.

Not enough – he was certain – for him to move forward but he could wait no longer and she was so soft and sweet. He pulled out some to thrust forth and she in something like panic rose up to his retreat then he gladly pressed her back into the bed. She sighed and then there was but surrender as they gave into the ebb and flow.

Their bodies, friction, force, thrust and increased momentum. Him, moulding her so she was good to no one else but him and she marking him as her own with nails that punctured the skin of his shoulder. Pain coils itself around pleasure until the two were indistinguishable.

Laboured breaths, muscle spasms, wet, welcoming to his hard mastery as he pushed her to the edge where she teeter until he reached down between them where he laboured and rubbed the nub that contained euphoria. Then she fell, hitting hard against whatever it was that was building insider her.

Her body shook violently from the impact as he plunged to his own end his body strained his bones melting and then he spilt his essence deep inside her. Jaclyn was weary and content, her eyes heavy with sleep as Eli bushed his lips over her face with whispered tender endearments.

What is it they say about Wednesday?
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  1. Phew Simone, that was sizzling post(: As always, you've provided a unique platform for your guests to enjoy. Keep up the great work.

  2. Woooooooooooooow are quite the writer. I REALLYYYYYYYYYYYY enjoyed the intensity & passion within this. Love our you paint the story. When's the book coming :::wink::: :)? I'll waiting for Chapter 6!

  3. Oh it got really steamy today, I should have guessed by the pic :) Very lovely scene

  4. Oh my! That was just . . . wow! Maybe I'll find adequate words to express my admiration after a cold shower. :-)

  5. Terrific! Very fine writing. I enjoyed stopping by and will add you to my blog roll.

  6. coming in on the middle of a scene like this makes me feel a voyeuristic twinge. Never peeped into windows but I will admit at this I did not pull my eyes away.

  7. What a scene! The intensity of it grabbed me and would not let me go (not that I ever wanted to go away...).
    Simone, I'll have to go back and read the novelette from the beginning. I love your writing!

  8. Simone, let me begin by saying that so many scenes of sex and sexual encounter in a lot of writing can be very staid, put together, corny, sleazy, unromantic, or just a combination of all of the above along with a dash of sheer boring. But what you have created here is an intensity and a passion and a longing, each of which jumps from the page. The part in the middle, when they are trying to talk one another out of what they are about to do, is toe-curling, Simone. I was sitting here saying, "Just do it already!" You have created an atmosphere of love that allowed me to feel like a happy voyeur. I loved every elegant word. :-)


  9. WONDERFUL. And that photo is so, so beautiful. I also agree with Nevine completely.

  10. Stunning photo (didn't read the story, wish I had time) xo Maria

  11. Simone,

    I gave you a lovely blog award :)

  12. Ohhh...
    you should consider publishing a book (: i really enjoyed stopping by!

  13. Chapter 5! Excellent- keep up the momentum.

  14. Thank you for finding my Hawaii blog - it led me here to yours!

    Aloha, Friend

    Comfort Spiral

  15. Oh have a gift. Sizzling, hot gift, I should say. Nicely done!

  16. I'm glad it was received well for one does worry it will offend. My thanks to each of you.
    A lovely weekend.
    My love,

  17. Simone,
    You have taken us from the usual descriptive words of love and lust to a new height of passion and sensual pleasures that set the groins on fire. Lovely!


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