Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Some more of the Gentlemen of the Regency

I have a soft spot for these two.

Prince Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex by Guy Head

Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex was the sixth son of George III. He was mild man who suffered from asthma. He met Lady Augusta Murray while travelling in Italy and the two marry without consent from the king. A year later, the marriage was deemed illegal under the Royal Marriages Act 1772 and annulled in the Prerogative Court but the two continued living together for nearly decade despite it. They had two children whom she retained custody of when they seperated. A year after Augusta's death he married in accordance to Royal Marriages Act, to Lady Cecilia Letitia Buggin. They had no children and he died without a legitimate heir.

Sussex was firm in his liberal opinions, he was a scientist, patron of the arts and collector of books. He was also Queen Victoria's favourite uncle and the one who gave her away at her wedding to Prince Albert.

Henry Brougham painted by James Lonsdale

Henry Peter Brougham. First Baron Brougham and Vaux, he was one the most astonishing figures of the regency or any era. A brilliant lawyer, an unrelenting and dazzling contributor to the Edinburgh Review, a Lord Chancellor but primarily he was a passionate advocate of popular education. For education, he did more that any other man of his era and this is my favourite thing attested to Henry. He may be said to have created the French Riviera when he built a house there when it was naught but a house in Cannes, a then small fishing village. Henry is my ideal so know if I was certain of his temperament and knew without doubt we would fit well I would move all heaven and earth to make him my own.
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  1. Henry is certainly handsome, and I can see you on the French Riviera!
    Most interesting. Thank you for the education.

    Happy Birthday to Jane Austen today!


  2. :) I love it how you found someone in the past who might be worth moving heaven and earth. I wonder as well what kind of person he was, although his actions do speak quite loud.

  3. So interesting Simone. I like your men.

    By the way Loreena Mckennit is a Canadian singer.


  4. Finding a modern day counterpart to Henry might not be too difficult. It would be more difficult to convince him to dress up in period costume.Trust me, I've tried to convince my man.

  5. Awww, I love the story about Prince Augustus. What a gentleman that he stayed with his wife despite the fact that the marriage was deemed illegal. So romantic! The story reminds me of a romantic novel; I love reading those!

  6. I am sure the both og you would be very happy together :)
    Interesting men you have chosen to present

  7. Simone, thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm so happy to discover yours!

    I like this Henry fellow. I want my own Henry. :)

  8. I even love the "name" Henry...alas, my hubby wouldn't let me name our son that :)

    Thanks for introducing us to these two men!

  9. Hmmm...I see the beginning of a delicious time travel/reincarnation romance. The plot could go something like this: Your heroine, Simone, dies in a car wreck in this century (but the reader doesn't know this). When she wakes up, Simone finds herself in a strange house, in a strange bed and Henry is staring down at her. Wouldn't that be a stirring novel??? Sorry, I couldn't resist,as a writer I see stories everywhere:)

  10. So nice of you to visit me, You also have a beautiful Blog, I will be popping by regularly x Helen

  11. Hello, I am pleased you have discovered my mini world so I can see yours!
    A real pleasure!

  12. I am delighted you've all had chance to meet Dear Augustus and Bright Henry. Thank you for your lovely comments.
    ...Oh and Andrea though entertaining I don't think his wife Mary would care much for that setup but I thank you for the thought, it made me smile.
    I'll be sure to come by to see each of you.
    All my warmest wishes,

  13. I bet your novels are beautiful! I wish you luck in getting them published soon. :)