Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday's Tea for Two

I've been invited to a tea party at The Plumed Pen and you are welcome to join me.

You need only follow the link directly below and voilà.

There is no need to be shy. I'm new too so we'll keep each other's company.

I'm taking my tea on holiday. In some exotic land but with all the usual fare so come alone for I've poured you a cup.

Isn't the table charming? I've settled on a restrained androgynie in order not to alienate those unaccustomed to the pomp and circumstance of high tea.

Now, if your mother is anything like my crazy Jamaican mother, you are by now well convinced that a cup of tea is the 'cure-all' for whatever ails you from complex heartache to simple upset stomach. I swear no matter what my complaint she would have a tea to suggest.

Rooibos/red tea to cure insomnia. Camomile as a muscle relaxant. Green tea to say young. White tea for healthy skin, Ginger and peppermint tea aids in digestion, Jasmine tea for aroma therapy and on and on. I'm telling you the woman is relentless but I digress, we are for tea you and I.

Here I've chosen the centerpiece, delightful gardenias. They are my favorite so I do hope you like them.

As promised traditional fare. Elegant cucumber sandwiches.

Scrumptious Finger Food

A little of the sweet for those so inclined

And what tea is complete with out a decadent scone.

All right tell me have I convinced you to part take? Or would you have much rather a more English setup or maybe even a Japanese or Russian?
My Warmest Regards,


  1. Absolutely lushious!.., I'm so pleased that you could join us!; (also thank you the other kind comments that you posted earlier the other day my dear)!

    Your posts are always so interesting and well written!..,

    Cheers from Silken Purse @ The Plumed Pen

  2. O My...I would love to have tea with you...!:)

  3. Mm love the pics, I was just watching a Chinese movie and they just kept on drinking tea, and now after this one too I sure want some

  4. Oh Lovely teatime.I couldnt get away such lovely photos and great idea.Thanks so much for sharing!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. I'll take English ...

    I just found a lonely~ sad and un-noticed comment that you left on my design blog ...sorry ...please visit me again at cityfarmer or stuffintheburbs ...hugs

  6. Bonjour Simone! Two scones and cream, please! Wanda over at The Plumed Pen is so sweet and here Tuesday Tea is a delightful idea.
    Have a fabulous week...and listen to your mother and drink your tea!

  7. thanks for commenting on my blog - a walk through the maze,I'm glad you understand my works.
    yummy pictures, I love tea and cakes; this blog is trully romantic.....

  8. Fantastic pics. I love all the asian teas and tea ceremonies! But the scones look great too! We are having a pool party for our contribution this week - very casual!

  9. What a very inspirational blog!
    Thank you for your very sweet comment .... and living in London, I just love going to Fortnum & Mason for high tea!!

  10. I look forward to joyfully attending the romantic and sensory gathering of such delighful invitees and guests. An introductory tea for those that embrace the word, caress the pen, seduce the heart and touch the mind, that reach out to others and share. I am enjoying your photos, the warm cup of tea in hand, the aroma of fragrant sweet gardenias, the clicking of silver, the delicate music of passionate voices. Sighing deeply and smiling. Thank you.


  11. Your Photos are yummy! I would love to make that scone!

  12. What a lovely tea party! Sweet images too! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  13. What a glorious collection of images! I do love my cups of tea to get me through each day. That scone looks delicious... Lovely blog :)

  14. How wonderful to be invited to such a sumptuous tea. The salmon toasts, followed by decadent chocolates rounded off by scones dripping with jam and cream are just perfect. And the company would be the best.

  15. Hello my darlings...
    I'm nothing but glad to have had you all come for tea and will be calling on each of you to offer my personal gratitude.
    My fondest wishes for you all,

  16. Oooh, I love that teapot! And cup--and the flowers--these are all lovely photos.

  17. Oh, Simone, how could I have missed this luscious tea, so replete with amazing treats...what time next Tuesday?



  18. This looks like the perfect high tea - scrumptious! Leigh

  19. You've started a tea party! I'd love a cup too!
    Thanks for following my blog - your photographs are beautiful!

  20. Thank you for stopping by my dears and I'll be sure to call on each of you in return for this honour. A lovely weekend to each of you.
    All the very best,

  21. The finger food is delightful! I can't wait to see what you share in the New Year.

    I am so inspired by your blog!

  22. what shall I wear for a tea party? :)))