Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm unable to write so I've gone to Wanda's Tuesday Tea for Two

Today I've opted for a twist on a the tradition Russian fare.

Here is a tradition Russian style of samovar painted by by Julann Campbell

Please follow the link and say a warm hello to my hostess the lovely Wanda Lee over at The Plumed Pen

Here is the perfect spot for our Russian tea.

Which is both savoury

And sweet
As well as Modern

And oh so Simple

A lovely afternoon to all,


  1. A lovely painting and beautiful photos to accompany it! (You're making me hungry).

    I enjoyed your story--I'm a writer too. Never did Romance, always thought of trying. But my romance wouldn't be as romantic as yours, LOL!

  2. Food for thought or food instead of thought? Only you know the answer to that one.

    Mouth-watering images and the prospect of your friend's blog to salivate over, it's enough to make me wanna eat the computer!

    But I was convinced the image at the top was by Cadell and shocked when it wasn't - you know, it almost made me lose my new-found appetite.

    Stay well, good friend.

    Steph Fey x

  3. Oh that food looks wonderful :) Hope you have a lovely afternoon

    All things nice...

  4. Yummy yummy. All those images of scrumptious delights make me want to eat. Thanks for sharing these, Simone. I'm a tea drinker, myself. I think I'll go brew myself a fresh pot and lace it with some dried rosebuds. Mmmm...


  5. You make me long for summer when I can sit outside in the garden and enjoy a cup of tea. Beautiful, Simone!

  6. Well hello there and Happy 2010 my dear!

    Thanks so much for the lovely and encouraging comment reference my last post;(that is to say rather, the post before our little tea party post, for Tuesday Tea For Two)!..,

    I'm delighted that you could join us this week for yet another scrumptious, "eye candy-esque" tea party at the Plumed Pen my friend!

    I love your selection of a Russian tea theme.~ I especially enjoyed the painting, yet your entire photo selection is impeccable and oh-so "mouth watering"! Yum!

    Cheers from Silken Purse

  7. Oh my, I haven't eaten yet. Now I'm starving. What a gorgeous post. Russian tea, divine!

  8. Oooh i love this post, so yummeee!!! :))

  9. Can't stay long - have to go eat now :)

  10. This post made my mouth water!

  11. Mmmmm...the salmon looks divine. I had nigiri today for lunch, but now I want more!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Also, I tagged you today over at my blog (www.heathersnowbooks.blogspot.com) to answer some questions about you as a writer. I'd love to learn more about you!

    Happy New Year, Simone!

  12. Wanda my dear,
    My every thanks for a lovely afternoon.
    To all else my gratitude for calling and making light my day.
    ...And Heather,
    What can I say, you are in my affections.
    A lovely day to all,

  13. I love that looks of that melon dish (though I am not fond of melon).

    Because you are a romantic, I should sometime tell you about how I met my sweetie.

  14. You're making me hungry - such gorgeous images! Leigh

  15. positively decadent :)))I love it!

  16. Do you have SO gorgious Blog!-)*

    I am hier every day and wil be stay hier...
    Thankyou for share of your mind and soul!-)

    With love.


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