Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Two of the One Hundred Women that Influenced the Woman I Am Today

Right barring the women I know intimately (my mother that force of nature, my sweet Nan, wise Grandmother, brilliant sisters, aunts, cousins, and my fierce girl friends) all of whom I could rhapsodize about for hours on end there is at least 100 great women that has had a great deal in the making of me.

Here now from my heart are the first 2 of the 100 and I pray you will receive them well.

Carmen Dell'Orefice born June 3, 1931 that's right ladies and gentlemen she is 78 years old.

Ms. Dell'Orefice had a life you would not believe she was brought up in near poverty and even lived for awhile in foster homes. She was married three time all of them ended in divorced.

In th 80's and 90's poor Carmen lost her fortune in the stock market and had to start all over only to be taken again in 2008 by Bernie Madoff and his ponzi scheme. She still works has a model. I adore her for her spirit and grace.

Grace Mendoza Jones born May 19, 1948 still stunnig at 61

She is from my native land Jamaica. Ms Jones is singer, model, actress and the most outrageous person alive. Did you know that Grace once went to a party in the nude and when asked why she did it she said, 'You are only young once,' can you imagine it?

When Grace was a model in the 70's she and her then roomate Jerry Hall use to fequent Studio 54 where she met Andy Warhol, she became his muse and she swears until today his end was an unnatural one. Oh and she was recently engaged to music producer Ivor Guest a gentleman more than twenty years her junior.
I hope you are all happy and well,


  1. These women are serious powerhouses. Your photo selection depicts what you wrote beautifully.

  2. Aloha Simone,
    LOVE THEM!!!!!
    Accepted and admired immensely
    Mahalo for sharing
    Aloha from one strong Sister to another

  3. This is so inspiring! Ms. Dell'Orefice is regal and lovely. I aspire to present like that when I reach her age.

    Also, I appreciate the encouraging comments you left when you visited my blog recently. Thank you, It provides me with more motivation and focus!

  4. You made some interesting selections Simone. I was particularly impressed by Carmen. She looks better than most thirty year olds I know (:


  5. Beautiful, powerful, inspiring women. Great post.

  6. It takes a lot of guts for a woman to date someone younger, let alone someone MUCH younger. It's a crying shame that women get labeled as "cougars" because of this. Men and women alike often see this as unnatural as far as relationships go and I feel it may ruin or may have ruined relationships between couples that had something special.

    (as you can tell, this subject is close to my heart! I really like this guy that is 4 years my junior.)

    Ms. Jones, you are awesome!

    Thanks for sharing Simone

  7. Sings: "My Jamaican Guy..." la la la

    Simone, I love the adjectives you use. Your mother a force of nature, your brilliant sisters, and fierce gf's. And your choices here are superb and telling. I was in the dark about Carmen...she's stunning, in appearance and in biography. And Grace Jones, well, she's truly unique, to say the least. I enjoyed this post very much!

  8. I can't wait to see who else appears on your list! :) The start is intriguing.

  9. Carmen is incredible! what a class!
    thank you for sharing and have a very sweet day!

  10. Just found your blog and it is very nice (words and pics). I love the idea of 100 fab ladies to inspire us and reinforce that life carries on up until the last breath and not the first grey hair!

  11. Oh I adore Carmen Dell'Orefice, what a woman. Now that is style. I don't really know much about Grace, but she sure looks stunning.

  12. They are indeed very beautiful and their lives, their tenacity truly inspiring. But I also love what you wrote about the wonderful women in your family...

  13. How cool! I'm excited to see the whole list as well. I like Grace Jones because she really did defy every standard out there: hair, height, skin, attitude. Being 5' 11", I really appreciate the walls she tore down.

    Thanks for this blog!

  14. The first woman has a silent strength that anyone would admire. THe second, when i was growing up, she surely creeped me out...especially in the James bond movie she was in. hehe. But she ages extraordinarily well. absolutely amazing.

  15. Well chosen -- very different, but both strong and comforting in their confidence.

    Can't wait for the continuation of your list.

    Hope your writing is making you happy and that it is moving along as you hope.

  16. Cool, looking forward to seeing the other 98. This was a really awesome idea.

  17. I'm beyond thrilled at your kind reception for my dearly beloveds. They are so very precious to me which makes your lovely words mean all the more. Thank you.
    A brilliant weekend to you all.
    My Love,

  18. Great choices of fabulous women!! I too aspire to be so stylish when I hit the wonderful 70's!! I hope you share the details of the other 98 women!!
    Have a great weekend :-)
    Glad you liked the cutie cupcakes!

  19. Great post! Thanks for your comments to my blog, I really appriciate them.
    Take care and have a great weekend!

  20. Carmen! What a beauty! And so strong and courageous in the face of disaster. A great example of womanhood in so many ways! Thanks for sharing!

  21. I was afraid of Grace Jones as a kid :) She does look extremely scary, like a horror movie diva.
    That red dress on Carmen looks lovely.

  22. I once, kind of, met Grace Jones. I was working, for a very short while, in a shoe shop in the King's Rd in London in about 1985, and she came in just before closing and we closed the shop and she had a private fitting, as it were. She bought a pair of bright lemon yellow French pixie boots, and a pair of red velvet flats, rather like Chinese slippers, with a single strap. The shop got besieged by a little crowd of black kids who were begging us to let them in! She was with a very gentle quiet older guy, and was very distant and haughty as you might imagine, didn't see me let alone acknowledge my existence, but chatted a little with an American student who worked there. She had very thin legs, I remember. I rather liked her in that 'Conan' film...

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