Saturday, February 27, 2010

Arms of Joy

For my dear friend Bunny - heartbroken and in love with an agony of her own making. We are so alike you and I. Here is to stupid mistakes, a bottle of Cava, a long bath and a nice coze with an old friend. I love you something awful pet but you know that.
Edmund Tarbell's painting of Mrs. Lawrence

The Error
Hidden in the arm of the fleeting are hours of aimless wonder
So familiar is the touch of this stranger whose hands lingers in comfortable places
Stimulating the voluptuary’s desire while entertaining future agony by going too far
The loss is never regained and one is never the same
Still time passes
The agony subsides and the pleasure found in the arms of joy, well it remains.
Everything looks awful on Saturdays but come Monday Sweetheart, you will get back in the swing of things, I swear it on my Nan's high luster South Sea pearls. You know the one's I'm certain she'll give me the instant I admit I was wrong.
A brighter Saturday to all.
My love, my care,


  1. Thank you for this, Simone. It was right on time. For I too am going through an agony of my own making! Why are we so much wiser AFTER going through the turmoil of losing a love we should not have fallen for in the first place?! Here's to a brighter Monday!

  2. if there is solace in strength in numbers- all are condoling with you.

  3. What a lovely picture, and that verse. Truly lovely Simone

  4. My dear,dear Simone...

    Like you truthfull post from today!-)*
    This painting is a pure beauty!For me- you like at this nice woman!-)***(in my mind).I saved this painting by me in computer.
    I am SOooo happy that I can find you here in the Bloggerland world,really,really glad!!!

    Thank you very much for you lovely and dear for me comments!

    Many love and care,


  5. spread me like cream, i'm melting...what a lovely tribute all around

  6. Simone, how beautiful and how encouraging. I'm sure you're friend knows how blessed she is.

  7. Dearest Simone,
    this is beautiful and so true.
    and the painting... what a pretty dear lady!
    wishing you a lovely sunday...

    big hug and sweet kisses to you,

  8. Beautiful writing, Simone. The words roll out so gently. I wish I could write like that.

    Be well this week - and best wishes to your friend.


    from the desk of a writer

  9. Yet another irresistible posting. Bisou, Cro.

  10. Beautiful words as always Simone. Take care!

  11. Your words are so touching, Simone... and so very true. But the most true are these: "Still time passes..." Always!


  12. That's a gorgeous painting! And I loved your excerpt with it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, Something She Wrote, last week. It's great to connect. :)

  13. Simone what a lovely picture and eloquent tribute. Thanks for sharing this.

  14. And you say you can't write poetry!

  15. It's funny how we realize these things and still, no matter how much wiser we claim to be, fall for the same tempting lure, over and over again. But hey! There's nothing like a nice warm, cozy bath to soothe the pain, right? (^____^)

    Hope you have an inspiring week ahead! ox

  16. Simone, I have a little blog award waiting for you at World Market Portraits

    Hugs ~ Enzie

  17. Such a beautiful painting. E. Tarbell is a great painter.