Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Writing About Love for the AWWC Blog Chain

We are the 6th in the chain before us are Aimeelaine, Charlotte49ers, AuburnAssassin, Breddings and *RomanceWriter*. The rest of the participants are listed below I encourage you to follow the provided links so you may see what they have written. Here now our contribution this time written by Simone for Claire is grading exams.
L'Infranchissable Obstacle by Wojtek Siudmak

I'm for the most part a character writer, so I find my lead [hero/heroine] then my story flows from my understanding of who he or she is. This works well for a romance if the protagonist cooperates, only they don't always. Hence...

The Spectacle or The Absurdity of Courtship in Print When Your Heroine is a Wise-ass

Let me set the stage. England 1820. It's early morning and first light is consuming the last of the remaining night. A tortured young woman, unable to sleep, emerges from the side door of an ideal Dover cottage and descends the cliffs through a familiar path for the beach where she will watch the sunrise.

In the distance is a man, running on the beach barefoot with his magnificent horse at his side. He is beautiful, golden mane flowing in the wind, his Greek-god body moving effortless towards her and the presence of the animal there obediently at his side adds irresistibility to his mystique.

The female lead all but swoons when he stops in front of her and offers up a slow charming smile. They are old friends. She is, of course, well out of her mind in love with him, and how could she not be for Christ’s sakes? The man is a beast of a romantic ideal. There with his horse, smile and body.

We have arrived at the spectacle bit to which I was referring to in the title.

The two share a meaningful exchange on the state of the world, literature, art or whatever it takes for the reader to get their sigh on, then he kisses her. It is soft, passionate, tender and masterful… in a word, perfect.

Now, my dilemma for this is about the time when my heroine mocks him for falling victim to the romance of the setting.

Absurd, yes, I see that for I write romance and having my heroine be a cynical wise-ass does not serve my end or hers for he gets irritated then rides away on his magnificent horse leaving both of us in a lurch. Now, I’m swearing to anyone who will listen that I’m going to drown her in the icy waters off the coast of Dover if she doesn’t shut up.

My love, my care,

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  1. Lol, I kind of liked her being a cynical wise-ass ;)

  2. Very funny! I would have to agree with my fellow commentor-- I like her as a cynical wise-ass:)

  3. If they're old friends I would think he'd be used to her being a cynical wise-ass. Maybe he even finds it endearing. :-)

  4. That was absolutely and without a doubt too funny. :) Kudos!! I love how you write! (Both of you!)

  5. Haha love it!

    And in reply to the name Esme, that's my nieces name! She's the cheekiest kid you'd ever meet.
    I love the name too :)

  6. But eventually, even the wise-ass learns to bite her tempestuous tongue and compromise else it makes for a very depressing ending. ha! But the journey sure is fun.

  7. Why should she shut up? Shutting up is for wusses, not for ladies with guts. He'll come back... they always do... if they're worth their salt!


  8. Aloha Simone,
    and still you never disappoint,
    You are truly gifted, thanks for the smile I enjoyed my visit as bet is on'll know just the perfect fit

  9. Dear Simone, thanks so much for visiting my blog, and for the compliment, I finally got the little table done, stop in for a peek.

  10. The wise-asses are always the interesting ones. If it's to easy, we don't care about it. Sounds great!

  11. My thanks to you all for you support with my head-strong heroine. She and I are taking a bit of break but all will be well, I'm certain of it.
    Warm regards,

  12. Awesome post, love it!