Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Eunice Kathleen Waymon better known as Nina Simone and One of My 100 Women that Inspires

I was named in part for her and have relished this tiny link to her for as long as I can remember.

Nina Simone's regal bearing and commanding stage presence earned her the title "High Priestess of Soul". Her live performances were regarded not as mere concerts, but as happenings. In a single concert she could be a singer, pianist, dancer, actress, or activist, all simultaneously.

After the success of her debut album Little Girl Blue, Simone signed a contract with Colpix Records, after a string of studio and live albums. Colpix relinquished all creative control, including the choice of material that would be recorded, to her in exchange for her contracting with them. Simone, who at this point only performed popular music to make money to continue her classical music studies, was bold with her demand for control over her music because she was indifferent about having a recording contract. She would keep this attitude towards the record industry for most of her career. I admire this about her almost as much as her musical talent.

Follow this link and experience her here

And this link to listen to her genius here

She is for me a sentimental favorite and I do hope you will embrace her with some affection.
And just like that we have arrived at the middle of the week.
My love, my care,


  1. Didn't she come over to live here in France? I think she lived in Aix; a beautiful town in Provence. I can imagine her being there. Fabulous singer. Thank you, namesake.

  2. What a beautiful woman! And a beautiful name too!

  3. I can't explain it, but I did wonder if the name, Simone, was linked to an icon like Nina. What an honour. She was simply incomparable.

  4. Another great woman to inspire us. Am loving this series :)

  5. Thanks for introducing me to some very inspiring women.

  6. Did you see the post on my Nina Simone candle?
    I couldn't have told you what her birth name was. She did have fabulous taste when it came to choosing a stage name.

  7. I'll give her a listen. I do remember hearing her being played at the end of Before Sunset with Ethan Hawke and Julia Delpy, when she (Julia) says to him, "Baby, you're gonna miss that train." And he says, "I know." Oh, yeah, I gotta go listen to Nina now.

  8. Yes, i remember the song in Before Sunset too "Just in Time"!!!
    oh, how much i love it...
    Have you seen the movie Simone?

  9. Aloha my lovely,
    How wonderful to have such a fabulous namesake, mine is not as thrilling, I was named after the woman who played with John Wayne in Atari her character name was Brandi, my Mom liked the name?
    It was a burden for me as a child , the kids would tease, calling me whiskey, etc..but I grew to love my name in my teens, it gave me a sense of individuality, and I definitely needed that, I may have to post about that since I am writing as my family journal, I hope you don't mind If I do?
    you are my literary hero, I always learn so much when I come to visit. Thank you for your constant inspiration and your talent to lift, inspire and educate all in the same experience, it's BRILLIANT and I am growing through my association with you,
    Thank you my lovely friend
    all my Aloha

  10. I love Nina Simone, and how sweet that you were named partly after her. "Ne me quitte pas" is exquisite! And I also love "I Put a Spell On You". She's just fab! And so are you!!!


  11. My dear,dear Simone!-)*

    Such a beautiful post do you lieve here about Nina Simone!

    The voice of her made me thinking about also nice artist as a Josephine Baker,she lievs in the years of 20...also a legand woman!

    Thank you my dear Simone for these story!-)***

    Many love and blessings,


  12. What an outstanding woman! Such an honour to be named after her :)

  13. I love that you all like Nina Simone as much as I do. My thanks to each of you for stopping by.

    Also, I just love 'Before Sunset' it is truly a brilliant film. I have it listed in my list of films that inspire on the sidebar.

    A love weekend to all.
    My love and care,

  14. I love hearing stories of people that are named with someone special in mind.
    Giving a name and attaching wonderful characteristics makes for positive and empowering energy.
    You have made me think of the name Simone as a romantic, creative, kind, talented and strong woman heart.
    Enjoy your day.