Thursday, February 18, 2010

What Does It Say To You?

The 1k words BlogFest hosted by Ralfast and brought to my attention by the brilliant Carol from RandomWriterlyThoughts . It is precisely the sort of thing that appeals to me for art and writing is involved.

Yes, one thousand words, as in a picture is worth a thousand words.

Or is it?

That’s is the question and it is up you to answer it as part of the 1K Words BlogFest. Take a picture, any picture (preferably one you own or is in the public domain) and post it to your blog. Then write a short story/account based on the picture you posted. The story must be a thousand words or less (hence the name). Once posted, link back to this post.

Please enter the name of your blog in the Mister Linky widget or post it on the reply section. I will update this post daily with new links as they appear (if they are not in the Mr. Linky).The

BlogFest kicks off on February 22nd.

I've already signed up and I think you should too. Why? Because it's going to be lots of fun, that's why!

The piece above is Evelyn de Morgan's Angel of Death.

Also, I'm taking part in Fiona Robyn's Blogsplash on March first

Fiona Robyn is going to blog her next novel, Thaw (Snowbooks), starting on the 1st of March 2010. The novel follows 32 year old Ruth’s diary over three months as she decides whether or not to carry on living. To help spread the word she’s organising a Blogsplash, where blogs will publish the first page of Ruth’s diary simultaneously (and a link to the blog). She’s aiming to get 1000 blogs involved – if you’d be interested in joining in, email her at or find out more information here.

Warm regards,


  1. Oh cool, any picture, hm. Well at least I will look forward to your story

  2. Yes, any picture will do. Feel free to jump in on February 22nd.

  3. angel of death speaks much more then 1000 words...


  4. Great idea. Your first picture brought to mind just one word: Run. :]

  5. The artwork you feature on this blog is extraordinary.

  6. Both of these activities sound quite interesting. I'm not sure I could come up with 1,000 words for a short story, but the second event I could possible do. Thanks.

  7. Im a new follower your blog looks fun and a bit different,see you again soon.~~Becky

  8. wow this sounds great!
    good luck Simone :)))

  9. Wonderful idea !
    Good luck :)

    Have an inspiring Friday !

  10. Thanks for the nudge...I am going to do it!
    What an exciting challange, but I am not in your league as a writer... oh well, this will help me to step up.

  11. Really good but I love that top photo!

  12. You're all welcomed to join, you still have time. And Mason, it's 1,000 words or less. Five hundred words would be more than okay.

    Thank you Simone for spreading the word. :D

  13. Although it's odd, the illustration of the Angel of Death spoke to me. I always visualized a skeletal figure hidden beneath an oversized cloak. Instead, the picture above portrays a Heavenly, loving host. I think it is beautiful. Thanks for posting such a wonderful and original picture.

  14. I'm glad to have you all call and I do hope you will join me, if you are able in either activity.
    A lovely weekend to each of you.
    All my love,