Friday, February 26, 2010

Napoleon Bonaparte escapes from Elba on February 26, 1815

One of the Romantics

Bonaparte on the Bridge of Arcole here by Antoine-Jean Gros

The little Emperor was a romantic in an uncomplimentary sense, for he by defying calm judgment and ignoring a reasonable view of things squander his ideal chasing God only know what.

And here again by Antoine-Jean Gros

He was the first and most famous of the romantic self-deceivers of the Regency era. He had almost all of Western Europe safely in his grasp when he allowed Supreme Power and his restless insatiable ambitions to clouding his judgment. Still, by then he was already more sluggish in mind and body than he had been but a decade before when he came to power.

Napoleon Bonaparte Crossing the Alps by Delaroche

One of his oldest friends, Marmont, said of him: ‘Napoleon was at this period living in a non-existent world, created by his own imagination. He built structures in the air, he took his desires for realities, and gave his orders as if he was ignorant of the true state of affairs and as if the actual facts had been hidden from him on purpose.’

NAPOLEON painted by Horace Vernet

Had he been attending to the realities of his situation, before attempting anything else he would have gone down into Spain himself, collected 200,000 of his veterans, and swept Wellington and his British Expeditionary Force into the sea. As it was, now half in dreamland, he pulled out some of his best troops from Spain in order to take Russia.

We all know now how it would end but we don't think any less of the little dear now do we?

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  1. Since most of us also see our desires as realities, it's probably a good thing that we do not have the same resources as the little dear above, but there again, he didn't have a credit-card...

  2. Oh Napoleon..and why has he got such pretty blond hair? :)

  3. There's probably a little Napoleon in all of us.

    Great art, Simone, as always.

  4. A strange little man; responsible for more deaths of HIS OWN MEN than any other despot (half a million in Russia alone). Still, he left behind a great romantic legacy, and continues to be much admired here in France.

  5. we are all bound to make mistakes, just not all will create a legacy

  6. Beautiful paintings,dear Simone!-)* a strange man,but relly nice person!
    I road the book about Napoleon life,I was impressed!

    Have a beautiful weekend,my dear friend,Simone!

    Many love and blessings,


  7. Napolean was definitely an odd man. :) Enjoy the weekend, Simone!

  8. Simone you post the most visually captivating pictures. Where do you find them???

    Napolean was handsome. Short, but nonetheless handsome. He was also a brilliant leader. I was impressed by his influence on the architecture in Paris, France. He is an interesting character in history.

  9. Napoleon was a lover of Dachshunds, which are curious tenacious canines that think they're bigger than they actually are.

    Beautiful pictures and interesting content.

    Peace to you Simone!

  10. Love that you dug the little Emperor and I'm wishing you all a lively March. I'll be sure to come by and see each of you if I hadn't already.
    All my very best,