Friday, April 2, 2010

Because sometimes we are our own worst enemy

And on occasion even I forget that in order to pursuit ones passion, be it art or romance one is required to have guts.

I pray you forgive the executioner and allow her sleep

Pray her axe sharp and your pain brief
Pray you are allowed dignity in your final hour
But more than that insist of your god the life of your enemy
Pray you are not survived long by those who would see you without your head
Demand their end is that of a coward
But pardon the woman with the axe and pray her blade sharp and her hands sure
Especially if you are the author of your own end

The Execution of Lady Jane Grey by Paul Delaroche
Somedays constant fortification is needed to be a writer.
A lovely holidays to all,
Warm regards,


  1. Lady Jane Grey is one of my favourite historical characters. I love this painting a lot.

  2. Still, look on the bright side - think of the alimoney saved!

  3. Yikes! And I'm reading this just before bed...

  4. At 17 years old, I doubt if the poor girl even understood her own 'crime'. Times were hard!

    Have a great Easter Simone. Bisou, Cro.

  5. Poor Lady Jane, but what a wonderful painting!

  6. She's long dead and I feel for her.

    Happy holiday weekend.

  7. At least she had Plato to comfort her.

  8. I studied English history in school and the story of this sad little queen who ruled in name for only nine days affected me deeply. When I visited the Tower of London and saw the chapel where she prayed the night before her execution I was deeply moved. I am always struck by the dignity with which she and other women went to their deaths. The detail from the painting is beautiful.

  9. Oh Simone, how I've missed your blog... :)