Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Prince

''She was free of excess and improved my life with phone calls to people who knew better, handmade shirts, catered dinner parties for my boss and the perfect Christmas gift for my mother. She holds me close when we’re out with her friends and I feel as effortless as she, my friends marvel at her sophistication but aren’t sure if they envy my place at her side.''

Portrait of Prince K. A. Gorchakov by Alexandre Cabanel

Let’s share a silence you and I
Only let it not be one of those silence where I’m dying to tell how much I want out
Or where you are hoping I will say I can’t live without
I haven't the courage to say
I'm happiest when free from you

All my love,


  1. Hello dear Simone!-)*

    All my love to you,wish you a very blessed weekend!

    I like you words here by these wonderful painting...

    Love and hugs,

  2. I like his eyes.
    Have a good weekend Simone

  3. He looks so sad . . .

    Your words were as thought provoking as the painting.

  4. Son regard est si pénétrant...wonder what he is thinking about.