Friday, April 30, 2010

A tender moment between artist and subject

"Cézanne rushed foward: 'You wretch! You have upset the pose! You should sit like an apple. Whoever saw an apple fidgeting?' Motionless as that fruit may be, Cézanne was sometimes obliged to leave a study of apples unfinished. They had rotted."Ambroise Vollard, 1936, on posing for Paul Cézanne.

Cézanne Still Life with a Skull

Or as it will always be for me... ''the obedient model and the fruit that survived him''

Still Life with Plate of Cherries

Here painted with more tendre affection than any of his human subject… except perhaps his dutiful 'Pyramid of Skulls'

And here 'Ambroise Vollard'

That wretched moving cause for poor Cézanne's vexation.

I'm in an odd sort of mood and this fits well with it, that and Cézanne is perhaps my favorite Post-Impressionist painter.

All my love,



  1. Oh Simone, your posts are always so wonderful, a suffusion of the most marvellous art works coupled with insightful and engaging writing, simply brilliant.

  2. These are so beautiful... my favourite is the Cézanne Still Life with a Skull. It seems so symbollic...

  3. To sit like an apple? I will never manage that. Ever.

  4. Very nice - enjoy a wonderful weekend!

  5. I love "Still Life with a Skull" - it just seems so symbolic of both the artist and the model's frustration.

  6. Oh yeah I like this photo! I wore skulls today. You must have been thinking of me.

  7. the Cézanne Still Life with a Skull is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hugs to Simone!

  8. Simone,
    I guess I'm to traditional to fully appreciate the skull, but I do like the others, especially the fruit still life. Have a wonderful week. Rita

  9. Great story! Ah, the ever-changing moods of the artist!