Sunday, April 18, 2010

A laugh

Gil Elvgren was one of the most important pin-up artists of the twentieth century. His illustrations appeal to the frivolous glamour puss bit of me that comes out to play whenever my dear friend Bunny and I get to play catch-up. She's in love again and we spend the entire afternoon shopping for the pretty this-and-thats that will blow his mind.
He Thinks I'm Too Good to be True

Spring Fling

Pour over me
Leave on me an impression
Burn me like caramel
Hot, sweet, unrelenting
Sink your teeth into me
Leave an impression on me
A permanent tattoo of your desire
Inscribed in my flesh
Whisper it to me
Leave with me the impression
You are worth my broken vows

Who Me

A perfect Sunday complete with homemade hamburgers and a cheeky red wine at Fanny’s.

A lovely week to you all,


  1. I love this period of glamour illustration. They have a real 'feel-good' quality about them, and are just saucy enough to be 'decent'!

  2. I love the captions of these illustrations. "He Thinks I'm Too Good To Be True" and "Who Me" captures the expressions of the voluptious ladies so well! You poem is the perfect accompaniment to these pictures! Lovely week to you Simone!

  3. Very nice post. Glamour illustrations and your poem, a heady combination.

  4. Such a departure for the Romantic! and I like it-on occasion. It keeps me coming back to your pages. Oh I can somehow see Sara Palin ready with the gun in who me?-I have wondered about that myself.pgt

  5. Thanks for the intro to this artist's fun and mischievous ladies! Your poem is provacative. I know I have not been around. It's just that this comment format discourages me cos the entire blog has to keep reloading in order to comment, and it can take a while. Instant Gratification Girl gets twitchy.

  6. Very elegant, yet sexy. I like curves, not bones.

  7. Dear Simone!-)*

    Such a very pretty,and so playful illustrations,I am absolutelly in Love with it!

    You nice poem makes it off,or no,these is very good combination!-)))

    Have a lovely,sunny week,Simone,

    Much Love,

  8. The pin-up girls are glamourous without being tawdry, excellent!

    Your poem was just beautiful. Eloquently put!

  9. so i think this might be my favorite of your posts (those i've read since i've been aware of your blog's existence). i love EVERYTHING about this one, m'dear. great work.