Friday, April 16, 2010


Today I had lunch with my friends the elegant astute B.B. and the oh so womanly Fanny. Fanny is the sort of woman that confounds and delight. She is also the sexiest person I’ve ever known. She is ripe with what ever it is that makes a person alluring. It’s in her carriage, her sent and her slow open smile. I marvel at her simple grace and told her so, which led us three to a conversation on what makes one feminine.

William Merritt Chase's A Study in Curves

There was much talk of the youthful portrayal of the feminine ideal in our current society and B.B. scientific argument about the necessary weight of the masculine vs. the feminine but in the end none of us was really certain what it was or if it had much value in our society. Neither did we know how much femininity influenced female beauty and sexually.

I was brought up in a home of women who are physically bountiful and who relished in their femininity. I love the female form and see in it all the wonder of the world but I’ve never been able to understand if that love stemmed from my love of my nurturing environment or the soft pretty aesthetics.

If presse, I'd say femininity to me is my mother with her delicate perfume, smart silk blouse and red lip stain. She would never tolerate me or my sister crying in public or either of us relying too heavily on others so I suppose for me being femininity as always meant quiet strength and thoughtful grace.

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  1. Gosh Simone, this is such a big subject. I think for we mere men, part of 'femeninity' must be 'the ability to nurture'. Attractiveness has little to do with femeninity as such (and visa versa), more an initial and superficial lure. Femeninity, on the other hand, is permanent.

  2. Yes I do know that it should be spelt 'Femininity'. It's very early in the morning here! Sorry.

  3. What wonderful thoughts Simone! I think you are right in your opinion - I get angry with myself quite often for falling prey to thinking that female beauty and feminity are seen on the covers of beauty magazines. And I therefore don't enjoy mine as I should.

  4. Beautiful painting and interesting subject matter.Personally, I have always thought that femininity lies beyond aesthetics. I think that that a woman is truly feminine when she is proud and unashamed of her sex, when she relishes in figure and when she sees herself as equal (if not superior as the case probably dictates) to men.

  5. I think there are so many types of femininity - so many amazing women who pull it off in their own way. Great post :)

  6. Dear Simone!-)*

    I stopped by to wish you a lovely,sunny weekend...and I saw you wonderful post!
    I like you short story about a very different personalities of the womans and you know...
    I think that is indeed much more different kind characters and souls wich speeks you many,many times more or not!
    Femininity...sounds for me as a romantic(not too much!-),have a lot sense of honour and proud.
    And what is also important,I think she may been a brisk or lively(I mean) and resolute!-)*

    Have a wonderful,lively weekend,my dear,dear Simone!And thank you very much for these post,

    Much Love,

  7. I love this topic. Sometimes I think femininity is quiet like a Geisha, and other times I think it is strong like some Willa Cather heroine. Sometimes it's brash and lustful, and other times soft like a flower. Mostly it is every female ever born, and all her secrets.

  8. What a gorgeous blog you have. I can't believe I have not stopped by before. Simply stunning.



  9. Dear Simone,

    Thank you so much for following along with me and I have great pleasure in doing the same.

    Your blog is ravishing! I hope you don't mind that I have added you to my blog list - this is my preferred method of keeping up to date with my favourite blogs and I wouldn't want to miss any of your gorgeous posts.

    Femininity to me is warmth, kindness and nurturing - our own mothers, of course - and I agree with you about the quality of strength and grace too. Interesting subject and wonderfully voluptuous painting!


  10. "Quiet strength and thoughtful grace" -- spot on. You do have a way with lovely words!